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Gang Nations – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Gang Nations is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms that can best be described as a Tower Defense version of Clash of Clans. Your goal here is to rack up the money and juice and enrich your territory while growing the size of your gang and taking on your rivals. Read on for some tips and tricks for Gang Nations!

Attacking other players can be a dicey situation if only because the layouts of their blocks are usually so haphazard. Look around at their levels to figure out the best compromise between their defenses and their headquarters. If the headquarters is within easy reach, go for that first. If all of their defenses are concentrated on one side, focus on the other side.

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If you don’t have enough juice to send every one of your available troops in at first, send in as many as you can and wait for them to steal some more juice. Then, send in even more of them when you have the juice built back up to do so. This strategy not only makes it easier to attack other players to get more juice in the first place, but if you somehow fill entirely on juice, you’ll make room to steal more juice by training more troops.

When it comes to how to organize your base, you are going to need at least one way to get to your mansion, but make sure that it’s the most convoluted, heavily-defended way possible. Go to the defenses menu and max out on your walls, sniper towers, bombs, mines, rifle posts and everything else, and level them up as high as your headquarters level will allow you. Once you max them out, upgrade your headquarters.

Gems are the premium currency of the game, and their best use is not for speeding things up, but for hiring more builders. Builders will allow you to construct multiple upgrades or new buildings at once, and get twice as much done without having to spend any extra gems (besides what you spent on the builders).

Lots of players are going to neglect their defenses early on in the game, and even going on later into the game. Keep hitting the next button when you’re looking for someone to attack until you find someone whose defenses are lame enough to make them a fairly easy target. Skip over the tougher looking players as much as possible.