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War of Nations FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to War of Nations! War of Nations is GREE and Funzio’s new entry into the strategy MMO genre, and in a field crowded with superstars such as Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle for the North, War of Nations still manages to stand out. It’s a huge game to learn, as there is a lot to do and if you don’t play your cards right, you’ll find yourself getting beaten by other players on a regular basis, but the more you know, the better you’ll fare. Read on for the beginner’s guide to War of Nations!

First, the basics. Your goal is to train troops and build up your base, and to do that, you’ll need four resources. These resources are money, fuel, oil and iron. Your first goal will be to build and upgrade the trading center (for money), refinery (for fuel), oil derrick, and the iron mine, which earns you iron. You can build as many of them as you want, within the limited space of your base, and you can upgrade them to increase their hourly output even more.

Your iron and oil production can be augmented by building them on an oil or iron patch, which will increase their overall output by 20 percent. Towards the center of the map, you’ll find uranium and titanium patches, as well, which are the only locations that can house a uranium drill and a titanium mine. Titanium and uranium are two rare resources that, while not necessary, are great for training more advanced troops later on.

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The command center is your main building, which is where your troops and commanders are housed at. You can upgrade this as well – in fact, every other building that you construct will be tethered to the command center when it comes to upgrades, in that they can be upgraded to just one level above the command center’s level. This means that you’ll spend a lot of time leveling up the command center.

Other buildings include the warehouse, factory, sensor tower, research lab and the defense grid. The factory is where you train your troops. The research lab is where you unlock new troops, as well as various power ups for your troops’ statistics and other buffs. The sensor tower detects when you are under attack, and as you upgrade, it can also tell you who is attacking you, what troops they have with them and where they are coming from. The defense grid increases the range of your long-range troops, allowing them to sit behind the protection of your short and medium range troops, while firing from long distances at enemy troops.

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