War of Nations FAQ, Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide, Part 3

By | 20130718

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There are two different types of upgrades that can be given to each of your commanders. The main kind of upgrade, consisting of such things as the combat exoskeleton and the field med kit, is done using microchips, scrap metal and salvaged batteries, among other items, which can be found via the completion of missions and by attacking and raiding other players’ bases. Higher level versions of these upgrades also cost gold (which is the premium currency in the game). Experimental items cost power cells and have a chance to fail. The more power cells you choose to spend, the better of a chance that you have of the upgrade being successful; if it’s unsuccessful, the upgrade will drop back down a level instead.

Now comes the real fun, which is in attacking, capturing, destroying and stealing resources. You can attack players and non-player characters – rival players’ bases will be outlined in red, and NPCs in orange. Attacking a warehouse or a resource building enables you to steal resources – attacking any other building simply destroys it. Once a building’s health runs out, it’s technically “destroyed”.

You can also found outposts, which are mini-bases, by tapping on an empty tile that’s surrounded by other empty tiles and capturing it. You can have up to 9 outposts. The first three require power cells, 4-6 require fusion cells, and 7-9 require plasma cells, all of which are earned either through the bronze, silver, and gold item crates that you collect as daily/mission bonuses, or simply by attacking other players and NPCs. The closer you are to the center of the map, the stronger the troops defending the empty land will be.

Attack a rival’s outpost command center, and you have a chance at stealing their outpost and turning it into one of your own. If you drain all of the enemy’s morale, you’ll capture or totally destroy their base, depending on whether you picked capture or attack, and whether you have enough cores or not. Likewise, if other players attack your command center enough to drain all of your morale, then you will lose your outpost.

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