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Get Free Donuts in The Simpsons Tapped Out for iPhone

The Simpsons Tapped Out is a game that first came out a few months ago, then was pulled off of the App Store because it was so popular that Electronic Arts didn’t have the server power to handle it. Today, EA has put the game back into the App Store, complete with a number of improvements, and it is ready for download once again. In this game, Homer caused a nuclear accident that causes the entire city of Springfield to get blown away, so now he is the one who has to get to work rebuilding the city.

Donuts are the premium currency in the game, and many of the buildings, decorations and other goods in the game are purchased with only donuts. Donuts also help you when you want to speed up a job that you are waiting to complete, such as building a building. Read on for info on how to get more of them for free in The Simpsons Tapped Out!

During the tutorial, you can get a LARGE amount of free donuts, but you have to be patient in order to do so. During the tutorial, the game will give you free donuts, both to speed things up and to buy something to build. Most of them, however, will be for speeding up a task that you have to wait to complete. Instead of speeding it up by using donuts, simply wait for the task itself to finish. You will move on in the tutorial and you will keep the free donuts that the game gave you.

Once past the tutorial, there are a couple more ways to get free donuts. One of them is to have Homer and Lisa clean up Springfield. Every so often you will find random donuts around. You will also earn a few free donuts for completing various quests in the game.