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Motor World Car Factory for iOS: How to get more Donuts

In Motor World Car Factory for the iPad and iPhone, donuts are what you use to keep your workers going when they have been doing a ton of work. In addition, they are also what you use to level up your workers, which gives them better quality scores and more work points, as well as extra speed and stamina. Read on to find out how to get more donuts!

When you level up, you get a refill of anywhere from 16 to 30 donuts, but when you hit level 15, you get 35 donuts. However, when the screen with the congratulations message pops up after you level up, you HAVE to manually tap and collect every single donut on the screen, or else you won’t get the donuts.

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If you already have a full load of donuts, your maximum donut level won’t go above 30, so when you are right about to gain an experience level, start spending all of your donuts on leveling up your workers, and then tap the car to continue building it (or to sell it, whatever the situation is) and collect all the donuts when you gain that level.

In addition, if you close the app and restart it with GameCenter and Facebook shut down, sometimes the app will take you back to the tutorial, reversing your experience level, but letting you keep all of the cars and employees and upgrades that you have already unlocked. If this happens, you also get a free donut refill, as well as a whole bunch of easy level ups to refill donuts. In addition, when you are told to feed a worker as part of the tutorial, you won’t be charged ANY donuts, so feed your highest-level worker until he levels up, for free!

Donuts also refill over time, so if you run out of donuts and have no way of getting any more of them, simply set the game down for 5-10 minutes, come back to the game and you will have a donut or two that you can spend. PLaying a mystery card has a chance of earning you more donuts, as does catching a random wanted person when the game prompts you to.