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How to play Motor World Car Factory for iOS (part 3): Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to part 3 of the beginner’s guide to Motor World Car Factory! Click here to go back to part 2 of the guide.
Clicking on the Action tab is what unlocks all of the deep stuff in the game. Under Employees, as previously discussed, you can feed your current employees and hire new ones. However, you can also hire premium employees (such as in game characters like CatMan and Fat Cheez) for Cash, and one employee, Zombie Man, who you can hire for 911,458 coins (this is assumed to be a reference to the Porsche 911 and the Ferrari 458 Italia).

Under the Social tab you can connect the game to Facebook and Twitter and race with your friends, as well as check out your reputation. Your reputation depends on all of the quests you complete, plus the overall quality of your brand in the annual reports (counting stats such as quality, luxury, sport and innovation). Every time that an annual report comes out in which your overall quality is improved, your reputation (your number of fans) will increase. Go to your map and check out your area of influence to monitor your reputation, and to receive gifts from your fans as well.

Mystery cards allow you to buy a card for 5 cash (or to play a card that you earned for free as a drop) and turn it over to see what it says. Prizes can vary, ranging from cash to a free car to donuts or gold.

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Go to the Quest menu, and you can accept quests which you can do to earn extra coins, reputation, cash, donuts and experience points. Usually these quests will involve winning a race. To win a race, you have to upshift at the right time without letting the car redline – the right time is right as the car is about to redline, or at least while the car is in the “orange”, the area on the tachometer right before redline.

The lab, of course, is where you can take 2 cars, put them into the lab and breed them to make a brand new car. Yes, breeding cars is unrealistic, but this is the magic of iPhone games, therefore it can happen.

Oh, those news reports that pop up randomly? They don’t really do anything except to give you an idea on what to build next, or to entertain you. Those multiple choice situations that pop up (which require you to choose a free choice, or two choices which cost coins/cash/donuts) will enhance your reputation if you pick the right answer, but if you pick the wrong answer they won’t do anything.

There’s more to this game, but that’s all of the basics that are worth knowing for now! Enjoy Motor World Car Factory!