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How to play Motor World Car Factory for iOS: Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to Motor World Car Factory for the iPhone and the iPad. This is the game for you if you ever find yourself watching documentaries on the process of building a car, because this game puts you straight into the factory, building the cars yourself – albeit in a more cartoonish and fun fashion with cool retro graphics that are reminiscent of classic 8-bit computer games. There’s a LOT going on in this game, so read on for help wrapping your mind around it, thanks to the Motor World Car Factory beginner’s guide!

As you start off the game, you will build your very first car, either a Bendy Coupe or a Bendy Wagon. The process to build your car consists of tapping on the first spot, then tapping your car to execute part of the work on it. A meter will appear in the middle of the car that measures the completion of a particular bit of work; once it fills up and disappears, you can tap the car again to continue the work.

Your car goes through eleven different build process total before going up for a “quality inspection”, which assigns your car a score of 0-100 depending upon how skilled the employees and engineers are who worked on it. After being inspected, one more tap puts it up for sale in the dealership.

When it’s for sale, you can adjust the price up or down as you see fit. The higher the price, the longer the car will take to sell, but the more overall profit you’ll make off of the sale. You’ll also have a number of options that you can add to a car by tapping on the car once it’s in the dealership, and then tapping each option. The money that you pay for each option is added to the price of the car, meaning that you break even on them, but the time that it takes for the car to sell drops, so that you can either sell the car faster for the same profit or raise the price of the car and sell it in the same amount of time.

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