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Motor World Car Factory for iOS: How to increase your Quality Score

In Motor World Car Factory, as you first begin the game, you will start off building cars with absolutely atrocious quality scores, ranging from bad to downright dangerous; however, though, they will still miraculously sell, but your profit margin will be NOWHERE near what it would be if you were building good cars. Your reputation builds as your company grows and becomes more successful, but there are definitely ways to help it or hurt it, and as it grows, again, so does your profit margin. Read on to find out how to grow your quality score and reputation!

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Your quality score, both for your cars and for your brand as a whole, depends on your employees. You can increase your employees’ quality scores a couple different ways. The first way to do it is to feed your employees donuts to upgrade their skills. However, that makes only a miniscule difference.

To make a much bigger difference, first, go to the research area and research Taylorism under the “Factory” tab, which allows you to put three employees onto a car at the same time. This will instantly increase the score of everything that you build with three workers instead of two.

Next, save up 10,000 extra coins and hire a professional engineer. Feed him as many donuts as you can because when you improve his stats, he actually improves a LOT. Then, build a car, and make sure he’s working on the car at all times to maximize your quality store. To have someone else jump off and have him jump back on, physically tap on one of the other employees who is hammering on the car, swipe them off of the car, then tap him and drag him back to the car by swiping him onto the work area (if work is already in progress) or making sure he is in front of the car before you tap it to begin working on it again.

Save up 45,000 coins to buy the next engineer. Yeah, this is a lot of coins, but by now, with your engineer having more than doubled your quality score, you will be making far higher profits, I.E. selling Berliner Donks for a good 24,000 coins each due to the added quality. Repeat the above steps. If you have three Professional Engineers working on a car at the same time, you can sell it for a MASSIVE profit and increase your quality scores to near-maximal levels.

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