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Motor World Car Factory for iOS: How to improve your reputation and get more fans

As you build up your new company in Motor World Car Factory, one of your goals is to increase your reputation, your image, and the amount of fans that your car company has. When you place your car company on the map in the beginning of the game, your area of influence will grow gradually as your fans expand. Read on to find out how to get more fans and how to increase your rep!

The number one way to increase your reputation is to increase your quality score. The more your quality score increases, you will get more and more fans every time you have your annual review that shows how your quality, luxury, innovation and whatnot increase. Increase all of these by building more different types of cars, building more expensive cars, and having the best employees so that you can build the best quality cars.

Completing quests is also a way to massively increase your reputation. Usually, these quests involve such things as building cars for a client, or beating someone in a race. If you race against someone, even outside of a quest, you can also get more fans.

Oftentimes, a situation pops up as well, which can cause your reputation to increase or decrease depending on which choice you pick. Situations can include auto shows, recalls, and things like that. If you the free options, you will end up with a tactic fail, but the choices that cost coins, donuts or cash are the ones which will give you a tactic win. If you don’t have anything to spend on the free options, then simply tap out of the app using the menu button, shut the app down, open the app back up, and the situation will disappear.

One great quick way for a fast reputation increase is to first, have an Elite Engineer as one of your employees. Then, buy a booster item and use it on him to send his or her quality rating up massively. Build a car and have the engineer doing work every step of the way, and with that item boost, he will give the car a huge quality score. Once your annual report comes out, your quality score will skyrocket, causing you to earn a TON of fans. Even though it will go back down to normal in the following annual reports, though your quality score will drop back to normal, your reputation will stay where you had it.