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Motor World Bike Factory – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Motor World Bike Factory is the sequel to Oh BiBi’s previous surprises it, Motor World Car Factory. Your goal here is to build up a successful motorcycle company from scratch, hire and train skilled factory workers and build up a huge repertoire of bikes, form mopeds to cruisers to sport bikes, and even electric bikes. You can earn coins and cash and rack up followers as your company grows and improves. Read on for some tips and tricks for Motor World Bike Factory!

Donuts are used for many things, and depending on what you are doing at the moment, different uses can the most effective at the time given. Use your donuts to revive your workers while you are heavy into building cars. If you have a lot left over when the production is done then use them to feed your workers to upgrade them to the next level. The higher the worker levels, the quicker they work and the higher their quality will be.

Each of your bikes sells for multiple times what you pay to start them on the production line, so for the most part, try to build the most expensive bike that you can afford to place on the line. If you get a rare and expensive bike early on in the game, then build that one even if that is the only one that you can build until you sell it. Watch the money and the quality rack up.

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Be sure to make frequent visits to the lab. Breed two bikes at a time together and you can make an entirely new bike, and oftentimes that new bike will be one of your profit centers. If you have no matches for a particular bike, tap on the locked bike to see what research you have to do in order to unlock it.

If you run out of donuts, the main way to get more is to wait for them to return. There is no countdown timer shown, but they do regenerate over time, and fairly quickly. You can spend $1,500 coins to add to your max total on the donut bar as well as get a full free refill. Or you can spend cash on the donuts.

Be sure to add buildings to your dealership as they rack up free coins for you just by existing. Complete all of the quests that you are given too, as they give you bonuses for completion, usually cash but sometimes coins or experience points.