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Jungle Clash – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Jungle Clash is a new card battling arena game similar to Clash Royale for the iOS and Android platforms. This sequel to Jungle Heat places your army against opposing armies, both player-controlled and computer controlled, in a fight for trophies and treasure, as well as for chests and cards. Read on for some tips and tricks for Jungle Clash!

Each time that you win a battle, you will get a free chest, up to four total free chest slots. Once your slots are full, even if you have a lot of time left until your next chest unlocks, you still have a star chest that you can open whenever you earn ten stars. These chests will contain more and rarer cards than the common wood chests do.

The more medals that you get, the higher of an arena that you can move up to. Move up to the next arena and you will unlock new cards as well. If you lose enough medals that you end up moving back down to a previous zone, you’ll start earning the old zone’s chests again, but if you already have some of the new zone’s chests left over, you will still be able to open them and earn all of the additional cards that they come with.

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Participate in the leagues for extra prizes, too. This is one of the best ways to get free diamonds in the whole game. Another good one is to complete the various achievements, which this game has much more of than Clash Royale does. Even if you don’t have any completed achievement notifications, go to the achievement menu to see what you can complete to earn free diamonds.

You won’t need more than one deck at first, but build out multiple decks sooner rather than later once you have at least twelve character cards. Organize them based on specific battle strategies. Keep track of what methods are most commonly used to defeat your team, and build and edit your teams as needed in order to counteract them.

Join a clan as soon as you possibly can. You will not be able to stay competitive without upgrading your cards, and when you join a clan, you and your clan-mates can send cards back and forth if you need some for an upgrade. You can talk strategy with other experienced players, and even challenge each other to battles.