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Big Bang Racing – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Big Bang Racing is a new racing game for the iOS and Android. It plays a bit like Hill Climb Racing, but the key difference here is that you and other players are the ones that create the levels, and different player-made levels are used in such a way that makes the game linear and random at the same time. You can power up your bike, do tricks, and even race against other players for trophies. Read on for some tips and tricks for Big Bang Racing!

If you are stuck on a particular level, you can either hit race again or you can go back to the level select menu. If you go back to the level select menu but then select the same level number again, you will end up at a completely different level, which will stay the same until you go back to the menu again. Use this method to get an easier stage if you are at a stage that you just can’t beat.

You can collect parts for various modifications such as a steering wheel upgrade, tire studs, turbochargers and flip boost power, and the further you get and the higher a league you end up in, the more different upgrades you will be able to rack up. You can buy more parts with coins or you can open chests for more valuable upgrades and other goodies, such as coins and gold.

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Use your nitro at strategic points in a race to speed yourself up and forge ahead of the competition. Nitro is best used either downhill or flat, because if you use it leading into a jump, you might jump too high and slow yourself down by getting too much airtime. If you run out of nitro, then tap the “Get More” button and you will be able to watch a video for two more free ones.

There were many free offers to take advantage of in exchange for watching an ad. From the level menu you can earn a free mystery chest from an ad. If you want to increase your rewards to include large amounts of coins and gems when you play a stage, you can watch a video for super rewards, too.

Every upgrade to your vehicle adds some CC to it. Once you get up to 250 CC, you will be able to unlock dirt bikes. Keep forging forward and after every five levels, you will be able to open a new present.