Race Day Multiplayer Racing: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Race Day Multiplayer Racing is a new game for the iOS and Android by the same team responsible for Wordfeud. This one can best be described as Hill Climb Racing meets Fun Run, as you drive an off road vehicle through a course with many jumps, twists, turns, and other obstacles, against three other players at the same time. Read on for some tips and tricks for Race Day Multiplayer Racing!

If you are approaching a steep hill, make sure that you have enough push to get over the hill all at once. If you don’t and you aren’t going fast enough to get up the hill, you will often end up spinning your wheels and slowly dropping back down the hill even as you accelerate. When you don’t have enough momentum to make it over the hill the first time, back down the hill until you hit a good flat point for accelerating, then get speed and shoot up the hill.

Make sure to master the art of tilting your truck. Tapping the left pedal tilts the truck’s nose up, and tapping the right pedal tilts the nose of the truck down. The best way to land is to land parallel to the ground, so that you can get an immediate boost in acceleration, but if you are going to land a bit crooked, it’s best to land slightly more on the rear wheels than on the front.

Vary the speeds at which you drive. While this might seem counterintuitive in a racing game, often you’ll end up accidentally overshooting a landing point if you go too fast over a jump, and landing on a hill, which can slow you way down by forcing you to back down a hill.

Make sure that you finish a race at all costs. When you don’t, and you place DNF on a race, you will get zero experience points. However, when you place last on a race but you still finish, you will end up still earning fifty experience points, making it so that even a number of last place finishes will add up into a number of level ups.

Gaining experience levels is the way to get new cars to unlock. Otherwise, you will have to make an in app purchase in order to get the cars early, or to get the rare vehicles that are not unlockable via leveling up.