Elune Saga: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Elune Saga is a new RPG by Gamevil for the iOS and Android platforms. Like any good card battling game you’re presented with nigh a million ways to improve your party, from the run of the mill upgrades to enhancing, combining, awakening and forging to improve the souls that you collect, and even outside of that there’s the whole question of picking the right heroes to which those souls will be bound. Read on for some tips and tricks for Elune Saga!

When in battle, for about 80 to 90 percent of the enemies that you face, using the auto battle will be sufficient. Only during moments when a specific move selection timing (IE knowing when to use your normal attack vs your special skills) makes or breaks the battle will you need to remove auto battle.

Upgrading is the obvious way to power up your souls. Enhancing will increase a soul’s base statistics even outside of experience levels, while awakening will cause a soul to change into a completely different soul. Use all of the various forms of upgrades wisely, and put the most intensive upgrades onto your rarest (four, five, six star) souls first. Sacrifice the common souls for the upgrade benefit of the rare souls.

You want to have at least four fighters in the inn, but you should only need three at a time because of the ability to pick a friend’s or stranger’s fighter. Pick them based on star rarity first, and level second. Always have your highest star rarity and highest level card set as the leader, so that people will choose your leader as their friend card, making for more friend points.

Save up your soulstones so that you can use them in the summon area. Thirty soulstones is required to summon a new rare soul, but after that, the immediate next summon will only cost 27 soulstones. Keep more rares around than you actually need because as you level up your characters, so too will you increase the number of souls that you can bind to a character at a time.

Once you hit level 8, you unlock the dungeons, which contain limited time quests that can result in far better rewards than the standard adventure battles can. Of course, they are far tougher to beat so you need to make sure that your heroes and souls are upgraded sufficiently in order to beat them.