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OMG: TD! (Oh My Gods: Tower Defense) Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

OMG: TD is a new tower defense game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to help Daedalus and the Greek gods to defeat all manner of satyrs, cyclopses, and a bunch of other mythical villains who are trying to take over Mt. Olympus. With the help of heroes such as Hercules, as well as a host of other goodies, you’ll combat them, but even with the gods on your side, they can be extraordinarily tough. Read on for some tips and tricks for OMG: TD!

Some levels can be very tough to earn three stars on, but if you are having trouble, go back through later on when you have more gods and have already spent a hefty amount of souls on upgrades. Upgraded gods and heroes can make an old stage far easier than before.

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Still, though, make the best of what you have. Take advantage of your heroes, such as Hercules, by placing them in an area where they can hold up opposing troops. Use them to hold up big tanks, especially, since little enemies will run too fast and Herc can only hold one enemy at a time back. Use Zeus especially on the little enemies, and have your slow, high-damage gods such as Ares take care of the big ones.

Running low on souls? Your best bet if you are stuck is to go watch the videos in the “Free Souls” area. If you run out of videos, go and play some old stages in order to earn more souls. However, this is a slow way to earn souls. Check the video screen later after you run out, because shortly, more videos will be available to watch.

Every upgrade will, of course, be of worth, but the most useful ones (and not coincidentally, the most expensive ones) are the upgrades for your gods themselves. This will allow you to use coins to upgrade them in battle, which will exponentially increase each individual gods’ attack power, as well as increase their range.

Try to place your gods in areas where they will have the most attacking range – for example, right in between two paths. When they are not actively attacking any enemies, have them aim at rocks, broken statues and other garbage, so that you can unlock more spaces, and even find more bonuses.

Put a new god down when enemies are passing by his spot for a major bonus effect. For example, if you put Zeus down right next to a crowd of enemies, he will automatically stun every single one of them.

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