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OMG: TD! – Walkthrough, Wiki, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to OMG: TD! Oh My Gods: Tower Defense puts your nameless hero into the world of Greek mythology, in the midst of a rebellion against the Greek gods. They can’t agree on anything, so Daedalus, the “inventor to the gods” is enlisting your help to command them and use their powers to crush the rebellion and protect Mt. Olympus from being taken over by titans, cyclopses, satyrs and other mythological foes. Read on for the beginner’s guide to OMG: TD!

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If you have played other tower defense games before, you’ll know immediately how to get started, because the gameplay is fairly similar to others in the store. You start off with one god, Zeus, and almost immediately you will unlock Area. Zeus’s lightning strikes come quickly and deal splash damage, hitting multiple enemies at a time, while Ares’ sword strikes come slowly and hit only one enemy, but they deal large amounts of damage.

You can put these gods in various locations (denoted by a white plus sign) on the map, next to the path that enemies walk on. When one enemy (no matter what their size) reaches the end of your path (which is denoted by the red circle with a heart in it), you lose a heart. You have twenty hearts per stage, and if you lose them all, you’re done. If you survive every wave (usually eleven waves per stage), you will win between one and three stars depending on how many hearts you have left.

You get more souls (the main currency of the game) after you finish a stage, and the more stars you get, the more souls you get. Your first three-star win will earn you a large bonus, as well as unlock the challenge version of that level. Challenge mode consists of three very tough waves, only one heart, and another side goal (such as breaking rocks). Survive all three waves and complete the side goal, and you will beat the challenge, and receive another big bonus.

When you place the gods on the stage, they will automatically attack the nearest enemies in their path. Your mix of gods should depend on which enemies show up in waves. Small enemies have very little health but come in huge numbers, making Zeus and other splash-damage gods better for doing away with them. Large enemies that come in small numbers are better beaten by gods such as Ares. Flying enemies, which are an issue of their own, are weak against long range attacking gods, such as Artemis.

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