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OMG: TD! – Top 10 Tips, Tricks and Cheats

Oh My Gods: Tower Defense (or OMG: TD for short) is one of the biggest games to come along in some time for one of the oldest genres on the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to help the Greek gods take Mt. Olympus and surrounding territories back from the army of mythical villains who are trying to kick the Gods out. While the game starts off fairly easy, like most tower defense games it will get EXTREMELY difficult after a fairly short time, especially if your strategy isn’t up to snuff. Read on for the top ten tips and tricks for OMG: TD!

10) Switch around your assortment of gods if a stage is giving you trouble.
After you unlock your fifth god (Poseidon), you will no longer be able to take every god into battle with you unless you spend souls to unlock more god slots. Mix and match your assortment based on the enemies that appear on each stage, and based on the shape of a stage – for example, take Artemis when you have lots of flying enemies, or Apollo when you have lots of straight pathways.

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9) Get three stars to earn a big soul bonus.
You need to finish a stage without losing any lives to get three stars. The first time you get three stars, you will earn a big bonus consisting of well over 1,000 souls. If you are having trouble three-starring a stage, come back to it later, when you have more gods and more upgrades.

8) Use your hero to block larger enemies, so that the gods can destroy them easily.
This won’t work with swarms of smaller enemies, but with big enemies, such as the Cyclops, move the hero into their path, and place them somewhere near a place where Poseidon or Ares can do major damage to them over and over. This will result in quicker kills and in less loss of health for Hercules, or whoever your hero is.

7) Use your gods’ temple on the boss stages to earn 3 stars.
Boss stages are a pain in the ass, because even when you don’t let any small enemies through, the boss is always charging its attacks and launching them at your tower. When the boss begins charging, aim your temple’s attack at it and fire away. The charge will stop and the boss’s attack will be foiled. Repeat this throughout the entire round to stop yourself from losing hearts.

6) Use Ares, Poseidon or other single-target gods to break stones and other obstacles quickly.
Place high-damage gods right next to the rocks in order to break them quickly. Try to wait to break them until you need at least one charge for your temple, since most rocks contain charges. Fill the empty leftover spaces with multi-target or fast-firing gods such as Apollo, Zeus or Artemis.

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