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OMG: TD! – How to unlock more gods, heroes and stages

Oh My Gods: Tower Defense is loaded with Greek gods and heroes of Greek mythology. You’ll need all of them in order to defeat the cyclopses, satyrs, and bizarro enemies that you have to defeat the whole way through. You’ll be able to go through various gods’ worlds, such as Poseidon’s Beach and Zeus’ underworld, but not right away. Read on to find out how to unlock more of all three of these!

You start off with only one god, which is Zeus, and as you go through the game, you will unlock new gods as you find new levels. Look on the map screen and you will see the gods standing next to the level at which you unlock them. For example, Artemis will be standing next to level 3, while Chione will be standing next to level 6, and Poseidon will be next to level eight.

You can initially take up to four gods at a time into battle with you. If you want to take more than four, you have to unlock more slots by spending souls. Start a stage and when you get to the “Choose your gods” menu, you will be able to unlock new slots on the left side. Each successive slot will be more expensive than the last one.

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Want more gods besides just the ones that you can get in the first three levels? You will have to wait for the game to be updated, unfortunately. Right now, there are only three worlds in the game, so when more worlds are added, more gods will be added as well.

Unlocking more heroes can only be done by purchasing more of them, so your best bet is to upgrade Hercules, who is your only free hero. All of the other ones are in app purchases and cost real-life money in the in-game store. Right now you can either purchase Clyde S. Dale, Mr. Talonted or Nina Seamone, but more heroes are expected to be added as the game gets updated.

You can unlock normal stages by beating the stage before it. It doesn’t matter how many stars that you get, you will still unlock the next stage up. To unlock the challenge version of a stage, you have to earn thirteen stars on the normal version of the respective stage.