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OMG: TD! – How to beat the challenge stages and earn three stars per stage

In Oh My Gods: Tower Defense, first, you play the normal stages. You can earn between one and three stars on each of the normal stages, depending on how many hearts you lose. Once you earn three stars on a stage, you’ll unlock the challenge stage for that level. Challenge stages are FAR more difficult than the normal stages, and can usually be extremely difficult to beat. Read on to find out how to get three stars on each stage, and how to beat the challenge stages!

Getting three stars per stage requires, as previously mentioned, for you to win without losing any lives. Be smart with strategy. Try to get the right proportion of gods on the stage, depending on how many big enemies, small clustered enemies, and flying enemies you have. Utilize the god’s temple attacks as needed, as well as other on-stage bonuses (such as the sheep with bombs, or the automatons, both of which appear in Zeus’ land).

If you still find it impossible, play on through other stages, earn more souls, then upgrade your heroes and your gods and go back to the particularly pesky stages later on. Stages will become far easier as the upgrades flow in.

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Boss stages can be particularly tough to three-star, because whenever the boss attacks, you’ll lose hearts in the temple. Wait until the boss starts to warm up its attack (you will be able to tell by the animation), and then hit it with an attack from your temple. This will stop the attack charge. Repeat as necessary until the boss is dead.

To beat a challenge stage, you’ll need to do a few things differently. First, you will need to win without taking a hit, as you only get ONE heart in each challenge stage. This can be particularly tough as you face off against three elite waves (about equal in strength to the last wave of a normal stage).

In addition to that, there’s a special instruction for every challenge stage. You’ll have to destroy all of the rocks (or other obstacles), destroy a certain number of one enemy using a particular attack (such as the temple attacks), or something else, so remember what the special direction is. If these prove impossible, again, play other stages and keep advancing and upgrading, then go back later when you have more powerful gods and heroes.