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OMG: TD! – How to get more Souls

OMG: TD! (or Oh My Gods: Tower Defense) is a smash hit iOS and Android game of a very popular mobile genre. Your goal in this game is to help Zeus and the other Greek gods, as well as Daedalus, to take Olympia back from a horde of invading satyrs, minotaurs, and other odd creatures. Souls are the currency of this game, and their main use is on upgrading your hero and your gods. Without these upgrades, you will be severely limited in how far you can get. Read on to find out how to get more souls!

The main way to earn more souls is to play and earn as many stars as you can. The more stars that you earn on a stage, the more souls you will get. This is true for both the new stages and for stages that you replay. Losing a stage will also earn you a small amount of souls, but not as much as if you win.

Generally, you will earn more souls by beating a new stage than by beating a stage that you are playing over again. If you are stuck on a new stage, though, replay the toughest stage that you can earn three stars on, and replay it over and over again until you have enough souls for an upgrade.

Challenge levels will earn you a significant number of souls if you manage to beat them. To unlock a challenge stage, earn three stars on the normal version of the same stage, then replay it and tab it over to challenge mode. These stages are extremely difficult; however, even losing at a challenge stage will earn you a decent number of souls.

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If you are still having a hard time earning enough souls, click on the “free souls” tab in the top right corner of the map screen. This button will allow you to watch advertisement videos in order to earn free souls. You will earn 150 souls for every video you watch. Once you run out of videos, simply wait and check back in 10 to 15 minutes, which is when more videos usually begin to show up.

Complete achievements for bonus souls as well. Check out the picture of Daedalus on the map screen; when you tap it, you’ll find a list of achievements and what you must do in order to complete them.

Also, don’t forget to check for offerings on Mount Olympus. These offerings usually pop up once per day, and they consist of a semi-random number of souls. Turn on your push notifications in order to keep better track of these offerings.