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OMG: TD! – Walkthrough, Wiki, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide, Part 3

Welcome to part three of the Oh My Gods: Tower Defense beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part two of the guide.

Finally, you have boss stages at the end of each god’s world. They are just like the normal stages except a boss character will pop up every once and awhile and attack, draining hearts from you with every attack they launch. The way to stop their attack is to hit them with the temple’s shots while they are warming up. Otherwise, place the flagship gods next to them and let them attack the boss until its health is all the way drained.

Each stage uses one energy point. If you lose all of your energy you will not be able to play until it regenerates (or you buy more of it). However, any time that you win a stage, no matter how few stars, you will earn back the energy point that you spent to play the stage.

So what should you use your souls for? Upgrading your gods and heroes, of course! You can upgrade the gods themselves to unlock the ability to upgrade them to higher levels in the stages using your gold, or you can pick between two auxiliary upgrades per god that offer extra bonuses, such as a chance of critical hits, or a splash attack to take effect when you place them in the stage.

Upgrade your hero to increase his health and attack power, as well as choosing from three other auxiliary upgrades (in Herc’s case the Stomp attack, invincibility for a bit after regenerating, or a chance at punching enemies into outer space). You can purchase your hero various hats, too, for souls, which will give a big bonus not only to your hero’s base stats, but to his upgraded stats.

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So what can you buy with real life money, aside from more souls? You can purchase more power-ups, which isn’t really necessary due to the fact that enemies drop them. You can add to your maximum energy, or purchase more heroes. Purchasing more heroes is the only way to earn them; sadly, they can’t be unlocked.

The game doesn’t have many levels right now; however, look for more to be added as the game is updated and the new updates are posted in the App Store or Google Play.

That’s about it for OMG: TD! Enjoy the game!