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Adventure Town (iOS/Android): How to gain levels quickly, get more expansions and rare equipment

Adventure Town, like most RPGs and city builders, enables you to gain experience points, which enables you to gain experience levels. To get there though, you’ll need better equipment (especially rare armor, weapons and shields) for your heroes so that they become more powerful, and their defense improves. You need land to place your buildings on, and once you run out of land, you need to expand. Read on to find out how to do more of all three!

The easiest way to gain levels quickly is to do all of the quests on the left side of the screen. Every other action that you do in the game, such as collecting coins and defeating enemies, will earn you around 1 experience points each; completing quests, though, will earn far more.

Complete the quests far more quickly by using the time lapse cheat. This is especially important for stuff such as growing long-term crops in the farm, which can often take up to a day (or even more) to grow. Once you complete the necessary quests, set the time back to normal and do it all over again, using the cheat as often as you want to.

To get your first expansion, you have to complete enough quests to where you unlock the Elixir Maker. Once you do that, you can buy whatever expansions you want, as long as you are at the right experience level. The more levels that you gain, the more expansions that you can unlock. Unlock more special buildings by expanding out to them gradually.

As you gain levels also, you will be able to buy better equipment boxes. The starter boxes and great boxes are your initial purchases. Once you hit level 9, you unlock both the legendary and the epic boxes. The ultimate boxes will be unlockable at level 10.

Of course, the better the box, the more gold that you will need to unlock it. For that, refer to the guide to how to get more gold, because your gold can be used up VERY quickly, especially for equipping all of your new heroes once you unlock them.

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