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Adventure Town (iOS/Android): Part 3 of the Walkthrough, Wiki, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to part three of the Adventure Town beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part two of the guide.

Your main way of knowing what to do next is from the quests at the side of the screen. Most of them will involve either killing specific enemies, having certain buildings, or collecting/restocking buildings, or planting/restocking crops. Complete these quests and you can earn gold coins, diamonds, and goods, as well as craft items, but your biggest reward is experience points, as this is the fastest way to level up in the game.

Everything that you do in the game will earn you experience points, but they will only earn you one experience point at a time. The quests will earn you far more experience points, thus making them by default the number one way to gain levels. The more experience levels you gain, the more things you unlock. Up until level ten you can unlock goods such as new weapons boxes – after that, it’s limited mostly to new expansion squares.

Check the board in the center of your village for bounty quests. If you complete a bounty quest, you will get one additional star on the bounty card. If you fill up the bounty card completely, your bounty card will reset and you will earn a prize consisting of diamonds.

Bounties are time sensitive (meaning that they go away after awhile, and new ones pop up at certain times of the day), but so are many of the quests that you will be able to complete. During holiday seasons you will be hit with an avalanche of limited-edition quests, but even during non holiday times, they are not uncommon to find. Oftentimes these are the quests that will provide the biggest rewards. So are the multi-part quests.

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More free gold can be earned by tapping the “free gold” button. Many ways to do so are contained within, mostly relating to social networks, but an offer wall and advertisement videos are included as well.

Finally, once you connect the game to social networks, you can use them to check leaderboards and achievements. All of the players of the game who have connected via Game Center are ranked against each other, and if you connect via Facebook, you will be able to compare yourself to any of your friends who play.

That’s about it for Adventure Town! Enjoy the game!