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Spartan Wars for Android and iOS: How to get two, three, and four-star gods

God cards are one of the biggest buffs that you can find in Spartan Wars: Empire of Honor or Elite Edition (again, same game, different names). You start off with a one star god, but your cards have a chance at increasing in rarity, from two stars all the way up to four stars, and the higher the star rating, the better your bonuses will be. Your bonuses for worshipping a god will include resource boosts, speeding up your troops, and other goodies, while your bonuses for having a god lead you into battle will normally be strengthening your own troops, weakening enemy troops or doling out a set amount of damage.

Two star cards are far more rare than the one star cards, but are still easier to get compared to the rarer ones. Go to the Gods menu and then to My Gods, and you can spend 50, 100, or 200 pearls. Spending 50 will get you a random God (with a better chance at 1- or 2-star cards as opposed to 3- or 4- star cards), while spending 100 pearls will earn you a minimum level 2-star card.

Going to the Items menu, then to Combat and buying the Order of Zeus or Gift of Zeus (which cost the same in pearls) will do the exact same thing. The 100-pearl package will give you a shot at a 3 star card, as will the Gift of Zeus, but spending 200 on Pearls in the Gods menu or by purchasing the Favour of Zeus will earn you at minimum a 3-star card.

The Favour of Zeus/200 pearl package is the only existing way to get a 4-star card, and it’s chance-based – you could always end up with a 3-star card instead. There are other ways to earn more gods as well – for example, you will randomly come across them in battle. Buying the Judgment of Zeus for 10 pearls will increase the likelihood of this happening.

Going deep into the misty cave will allow you to earn god cards as well. The deeper you go, the better the cards that you can earn – for example, a level 2 card is possible when beating the seventh level or above, while a level three card is possible by beating the ninth level or above. You still can’t win a four star card there, although with a future update to the game, that might become a possibility.