Crossy Road – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide, Page 2

If you like switching between characters, go to the character select screen in the lower left corner of the main title screen, but if you want to switch again you have to shut down the app and then reopen it in order to get back to that screen. If you want to change characters every single time that you play, hit the Random option in the character select screen and your character will be different each time, provided you have unlocked multiple characters.

Otherwise if you want to play as a new character, you will have to pay for the privilege to do so. Each one can be purchased for a dollar apiece, unless you want to wait to get them from the gift box. Keep on the lookout for offers to pop up that allow you to earn free coins in exchange for watching advertisement videos. Usually you will earn twenty coins per video that you watch but sometimes the game will give you as much as thirty coins apiece.

Also, depending on the character you can sometimes change the appearance of the outside world. For example, if you pick the penguin as your character, all of the green grass will turn into white snow. Examples like this exist with other characters as well although most of them will not add this bonus. Use the random option to see what will work the best.

Some situations are more difficult than others. One of the most difficult of them is when you get stuck staring at a gigantic river full of logs because it becomes extremely easy to end up falling into the water and losing. Look three, four or even five logs ahead to make sure that you aren’t going to jump into the water before you hit the land on the other side.

If you want to buy a new character, it’s recommended to wait for the special offers for new characters to appear in between plays of the game. Usually you will get to take a character in a test run before you buy them, for about ten rounds or so. If you decide to go for it and buy them, you will get 250 bonus coins as well, but only for that limited time that the offer is made available. If you pass the time limit, just keep playing and eventually it will appear again later on.

If you keep making dumb mistakes and losing too quickly, slow down and take your time. Space out your hops, and think about your moves before you make them. Count out how many moves you plan to do next, pause at a safe point, and then repeat again and again and before you know it you’ll be scoring high.

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