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11 Strategies for Hill Climb Racing 2: Tips and Cheats to Win Every Race, Unlock Vehicles and Earn Gems (Page 2)

6: Adventure mode is where you want to go if you want the old school Hill Climb Racing “get as far as you can” experience. The terrain will be rougher here so you will have to work the gas and the brake more strategically in order to conserve gas and to avoid flipping your truck over. All of your upgrades to your vehicle in Cup mode will apply to this mode as well, so the more upgrades, the further you’ll be able to go.

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7: In addition to earning prize boxes for placing in a race, you earn a free prize box every hour, containing common goods. You can also earn a rarer red box by winning 10 races. These boxes contain better goods. Once you open a red box, you’ll have to wait around 13 hours before you can earn another one.

8: There are currently four additional stages that you can unlock in Adventure mode. To unlock each of these stages, you have to pay coins. These stages will present new challenges, as well as the potential to earn more coins for further upgrades to your vehicles.

9: Free gems are given out somewhat generously in this game. They mainly come from the boxes – the rarer the box and the more time that it takes to unlock the box, the more likely you are to earn gems, and the more gems you’re likely to earn at once.

10: On stages with more hills, sometimes you’ll want to avoid making a jump, so let off the gas when going up a hill, in order to try to keep your tires on the ground on the downhill portion. Gas it at the top of the hill with enough time for the boost to kick in as you start your downhill run, so that you can gain an enormous amount of speed going down the hill.

11: When you unlock a new vehicle, stick with the old vehicle at first because it will already have the upgrades to it. Earn money from cup races and adventure runs, then use them to upgrade your new vehicle until it’s ready for prime time. Or if you like the driving characteristics of the old vehicle, stick with the old one.

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