Peggle Blast: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Peggle Blast is Electronic Arts and PopCap’s new addition to the Peggle franchise starring everyone’s favorite creepy unicorns, Bjorn and Fnord. Unlike the original Peggle entry on the iOS and Android, which is a pay to play game, this is a free to play game, with all of the usual trappings, but if you can get past the F2P elements it’s quite fun. In fact, there are plenty of ways to minimize the impact of the F2P. Read on for some tips and tricks in Peggle Blast!

This game, unlike the previous Peggle, has an energy meter that clones the one in Candy Crush you have five lives, and if you lose a stage you lose a life, and then it takes 30 minutes per life to regenerate. However, if you set the time ahead on your phone or tablet, by 30 minutes times the lives that you want to restore, then go back to the game, your lives will all come back on their own.

At certain points you have to either get unlocks from your friends, buy them, or wait for hours until you can unlock the next stage. Do the same cheat here to get the new stage right away. Set the time ahead by however many hours you need in order to unlock the new stage. Then beat it, then set the time back to normal and you will be able to keep playing on without having the time be insanely off kilter on your phone.

Your goals differ per stage, but usually, it will be to either knock off the orange pegs or to hatch all of the phoenix eggs. The phoenix eggs are a pain because if you drop them off the bottom of the level, you automatically lose the stage. Angle the shots in such a way that they won’t knock the egg off its perch, or will knock the egg in a direction that will cause it to get stuck.

Use the super guide as often as possible. Always aim the very first ball you get at the green peg, because the super guide will be a HUGE help as you go. Without it you will have absolutely no idea where the next ball is going to go when it bounces off of its first target.

Use your other boosts wisely as well. Save your fireballs until the end of the round when you need them to clear out the last of the orange pegs, and you don’t have enough balls or you have too many orange pegs to hit with the amount of balls that you have.

If you need to find more people to add on Facebook because you don’t have enough friends who play the game, you can always look on Peggle Blast fan pages on Facebook, on the comment section for this page or on the app store review pages.