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Polish Blast – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Win, and Strategy Guide

Polish Blast is a new matching game for the iOS and Android platforms by the popular YouTuber CutePolish. This is a “drag to make a combo” kind of game, where you draw a line in between like-colored polishes to clear them out, complete missions, and get as high of a score as you can. Read on for some tips and tricks for Polish Blast!

This game’s form of energy is the crystal balls that are counted at the top of the screen, 50 max, with five used for every level you lose. Any time that you want to get all of them back instantly you can set the time ahead on your game by five minutes per ball that you want to recover. Once you do this, go back to the game and all of your crystal balls will be restored.

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If you do this trick too many times, the time on your phone will end up being thrown off. You can set the time back to normal at any time, though, and no harm will be done. Your phone will be back at the normal time again, and all of the crystal balls that you got will still be there.

The bigger the lines that you draw, the more special pieces you’ll get, which can clear out one line, either horizontally or vertically, or two lines at a time. You can use them at any point in time as long as you have it as part of a three-piece combo or more. Or you can save them for the end of the round, so that they blow up after you meet your goal.

If you want to make a gigantic combo, start clearing out all but one color, and save that color for last. Then, get a huge string of them together next to each other. After they are all next to each other (15 to 20 bottles of polish), clear them out and you will get a massive amount of points.

You can add friends on Facebook who play the game, and you and them can send power-ups back and forth. If you don’t know anybody who plays it, then you can start a secondary FB account for games, search for Polish Blast groups, and add people from there. Or go to the comments section here and post your add-me requests. If that fails, go to the App Store and Google Play review pages for the game and do the same thing.