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Toon Blast – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Unlimited Lives, Cheats, and Strategies

Toon Blast is a popular new match game for the iOS and Android platforms by Peak Games. You tap to clear tiles, and you can match as few as two tiles, or as many as you want per tap, depending on how many are next to each other. You can collect coins, join teams of players, and compete with your Facebook friends to see who can make the highest scores. Read on for some tips and tricks for Toon Blast!

You can clear out a high number of tiles at the same time in order to get special tiles. 5 or more will earn you a rocket, which will clear out an entire line of tiles either vertically or horizontally. 7 or more tiles will get you a bomb, which clears out a 3×3 area of tiles. 9 or more will get you a disco ball, which clears out all the tiles of one color.

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If you get two or more special tiles (bombs, disco balls, or rockets) next to each other, tap one of them and the tiles will combine together for an enhanced effect. The more of them that are combined together, the bigger the effect – combine bombs to make big bomb blasts, rockets to clear out more than one line, or two disco balls in order to clear the entire board, or combine different pieces for even more special effects and tiles cleared.

Once you hit level 20 you will be able to join a team, adding a bit of Game of War-style clan action to the match-3 fun of this game. Once you unlock teams, find and join one as soon as you can. As a member of a team you can earn free lives and free coins, as well as chat with your teammates.

Lives are lost in this game if you lose a level. If you lose a life, it takes a long time to return, but if you want to get your lives back right away, then go to the time and date settings on your phone and set the time in the game ahead. Do this as many times as you want in order to keep playing for an unlimited amount of time.

You have three different types of boosters that you can use to help you beat a level in this game. They can be purchased using coins. If your main goal is to get as far as you can in the game, then save them for levels that you absolutely cannot beat otherwise. If your main goal is more stars, save them for a level that you can’t get more than one star on. If your main goal