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Wedding Escape: Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide

Wedding Escape is a new endless match-3 game for the iOS and Android platform, as well as for browsers. Your groom chickens out right before the big wedding, so your goal is to run as far as you can and not get caught. Your way to do that, of course, is to run away from your bride-to-be, the police, and a number of others who are trying to catch you, before they actually do catch you. You can also collect coins and purchase new characters and other goodies. Read on for some tips and tricks for Wedding Escape!

The way to succeed at this game is to change the color of either one tile or of a set of tiles. You change the tile colors in order to create matches of three or more in a straight line. You have to match a certain amount of tiles in a row in order to move onto the next stage before your moves run out. The farther you get, the harder it becomes to match the correct amount of tiles.

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You can either match silver or gold coin tiles. Try to match gold tiles as much as possible because they are worth more than the silver tiles. if you are loaded with silver tiles, with the colors of all of the tiles. This will cost you one move but if you can beat the stage within the required amount of moves it is worth it. it will earn you more coins in the long run to do it this way.

Also, when you see a tile with a number next to it, make sure to clear out that tile because it will be worth more than one tile. It will be worth whatever the number is – for example, if you see a tile with the number for next to it, it will be worth four tiles once you clear it out, so clearing out these numbered tiles is a very fast wait to finish a stage.

The more coins that you earn, the more characters that you can purchase. You can also purchase a brand-new character by spending one dollar in the App Store. New characters will not change the game plan at all, they will simply change the appearance of who is on the screen. You can play as the bride herself, the cop, or other assorted characters.

Be on the lookout for all kinds of other hidden secret characters to appear in the game to you. The company that made this also made Hoppy Frog 2, which is a game that features a load of secret characters that you have to find, not purchase. Look for secret characters to be added into this game as well with the next update. When they are, we will have the tips on how to acquire them.