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DogLife: BitLife Dogs – How To Escape Every Animal Shelter (all maps)

DogLife: BitLife Dogs is a new game for the iOS and Android platform where you play as a dog and live out your life. This game contains a large amount of mini games, but the most popular and arguably the toughest is the escape from the animal shelter. Just like with the prison escape game in the original, the animal shelter escape requires you to get out of your cell without getting caught by the employees.

In this minigame, the employee takes two steps for every one step that you take. Additionally, the first move is always horizontal, unless it’s not possible for the employee to make a horizontal move. This allows you to come up with a strategy for each cell and escape them .

To get thrown into an animal shelter, acting like a bad dog is recommended, but the most surefire way is to attack someone. If you have an owner, then attack your owner. If you are a stray dog out on the streets, then attack whatever random person you get the chance to.

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Of course, once you’re inside it, you can also get out and buy convincing another human to adopt you. Honestly, though, what’s the fun in that? Sometimes it can be more fun to live life as a street dog, trying to become the alpha of your pack.

Most of the maps are on a 4 x 4 grid. There are a couple of them that differ; one of them is on a 4 x 3 grade and the other one is on a 5 x 3 grade.

Additionally, you will often encounter the same map flipped around, either from top to bottom or from left to right. The maps are never rotated, though, so it’s pretty easy to figure out which map is which, even if they do get flipped or mirrored.

As follows, here are all of our videos featuring successful escape routes for every single animal shelter map:

4×4 (first map)

4×3 or 3×4

4×4 (second map)

4×4 (third map)

4×4 (fourth map)

3×5 or 5×3

4×4 (fifth map)


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