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DogLife: BitLife Dogs – All Ribbons Guide: How To Get Every Ribbon

DogLife is the controversial new Android and iOS app that was released as a spinoff to BitLife, which to this day is one of the most popular games on mobile platforms. You get to live out your entire life as a dog, three months at a time, and whether you want to be taken care of by humans, be a street dog, or be a rough dog who lives life in the pound is up to you.

Just like BitLife, there is now a collection of ribbons that you can earn at the end of your dog’s life. How you live your entire life decides whether or not you earn a ribbon and what ribbon you get. We have a guide to getting every single one of these ribbons, including how to live your entire life.

Read on for a list of ribbons and how to get them in DogLife: BitLife Dogs!

List of Ribbons and How To Get Them:

Ordinary: Be completely ordinary. What this means is do nothing that will get you any of the other ribbons on this list. Just live a normal life.

Wasteful: Waste an opportunity at life. To get this, go to the action menu and hit “Surrender” at the bottom to end your life prematurely.

Alpha: Be a pack leader for life. What this means is that you should live most of your life as the alpha of the pack and die as the alpha of the pack. Being aggressive and violent toward other dogs will make you the alpha faster than anything else.

Bad Dog: Spend a life getting reprimanded. As in, have an owner, and do the things that would cause the owner to reprimand you every time the choice menus come up, but don’t get yourself kicked out.

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Fertile: Spawn a lot of offspring. Be a female dog and breed at every opportunity to get this one.

Hero: Save a life. This one is self explanatory – save a human’s life at some point in your life.

Horndog: Have a lot of mates. This one is also self explanatory. Take every chance you get to mate with another dog.

Killer Dog: Be responsible for many deaths. To get this one, simply end the lives of as many other dogs as you can throughout the game, without getting your life taken early.

Lazy Dog: Live an idle life. Pick the least action-filled choice every chance that you get and you will earn this ribbon at the end.

Lucky Dog: Die in a really wealthy family. Being born into a rich family is the easy way to get this, but if that doesn’t work, then be a stray, get picked up by the humane society, and charm your way into a rich family’s house.

Man’s Best Friend: Live a happy and beloved life. Simply make every choice that endears yourself to your owner.

Nomad: Live with many families. Run away every chance that you get, and get adopted by a new family every chance that you get.

Old Yeller: Live for a very long time. Living a lazy/ordinary life is generally the easiest way to do this. If you’re a stray, then stay out of trouble as much as possible.

Omega: Pass a life without respect. This is the opposite of alpha – let other dogs be the alpha over you every time and be last in the pack.

Reject: Spend a life unwanted. Basically, be a stray your entire life and never get adopted.

Sewer Rat: Spend a lot of time in the sewer. This one is self-explanatory.

Sheltered: Have several stints in the shelter. Easy way to do this is to keep escaping and keep acting up so that you get taken into the pound or the humane society.

Sneaky: Be a true escape artist. Escape from the shelter multiple times.

Stray: Live a long life on the streets. Similar to Old Yeller but don’t get adopted or put in the pound.

Territorial: Set foot in many countries. This can be done either with a family that travels a lot, or living out on the street.

Trickster: Be a trick master. Play tricks on people a lot.

Unlucky: Die young and unfortunately. Surrender doesn’t count here – get your life taken by another animal or by some other circumstance.

Wanderer: Roam many streets. You’ll constantly have the option to change streets, so take that option every time.


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