BitLife: Crime and Prison Guide – All about committing crimes and handling prison

BitLife: Life Simulator allows you to do many things as the controller of someone’s life, and the updates to the game continue to add new and interesting things. Among the ones from the most recent update (as of the time of this article) are the ability to choose to commit a crime just because. Prison has always been there, but now new things have been added, such as a technique to escape from prison. Read on for tips on crime and prison in BitLife: Life Simulator!

There has now been a crime category added to life events. The first crime option is to “Commit a Murder”. You will be able to choose who to target, and what method to use. You’ll be able to choose family members, a friend, or random people. Family members have the added risk of ruining your relationship for life, so if you fail to commit the murder, you’ll still kill the relationship. Random people don’t share that same risk.

Next you’ll be able to choose how you commit the murder. Most of the choices are ridiculous, such as “Atomic Wedgie” or “Stairway to Hell”. The more ridiculous it is, the less successful it will be at actually succeeding. If you succeed, you go to prison for murder. If you fail, you go to prison for attempted murder or you don’t go to prison at all.

Once you get in prison, the options are the same as they were before the update: You can escape, you can start a riot, or you can appeal your sentence. Appealing involves having money and paying an attorney to try to get you out. Starting a riot doesn’t do much except cause chaos, but sometimes that chaos can earn you a longer sentence, depending on how crazy the riot gets.

Escaping used to be something that happened by random chance, but now, it’s a game of skill. You’ll get to play a mini-game where you find the right path to the exit, but the guard moves two steps for every one step that you take. The guard doesn’t always move, though; you have to try to draw the guard into being trapped by the route that the walls make, and then escape. Every map has one solution.

Once you do escape, you still have to deal with the drawbacks of having a record and of being an escapee. Getting hired at respectable jobs is not easy; you’ll probably end up with some job that has to do with porn or being an escort. So if you are trying to live a respectable life, avoid prison in the first place. But if you choose to commit a crime and go to prison, your goal probably isn’t to live a boring, respectable life, but to live as crazy you can.

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