Super Fowlst: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, Hacks, and Strategy Guide

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Super Fowlst is a new iOS and Android platform game where you go through level after level escaping from traps and enemy fire, while knocking out enemies and collecting coins. You can unlock a number of new characters, purchase upgrades for your power-ups, and make it to the farthest level possible. Read on for some tips and tricks for Super Fowlst!

When you fly around a level, look around for opportunities to earn more coins. The Sneak will often appear, and you can hit it up to around 15 times to continuously earn coins before it runs out of coins. Look for secret coin rooms by running into walls and breaking through them. Smash the wooden boxes when you see them, as they also tend to give out coins. Wooden boxes often contain power-ups as well.

The angry red birds that fire shots at you can be knocked out simply by running into them, as long as you avoid the shots. Oftentimes, there’s a boss bird trapped in a level that’s revealed by breaking through a wall. It’s a clone of the shooter bird, except bigger and takes three hits to kill. Unlike the main birds, you don’t have to kill this one to beat the level, you just have to avoid it, although killing it can earn you some coins.

While there are multiple levels in game, and the level designs are set to some degree, parts of each level will also be randomized. That means that each time that you play, there will be different locations for the enemies, boxes, traps, and sometimes the locked areas, as well as the secret coin rooms.

Coins can be used on two things. Their cheaper use is on upgrading your power-ups. Power-ups include the egg bomb, the rocket that homes in on enemies, and the magnet, which grabs loot for you. The best power-up, although it’s the most expensive, is the health upgrade, which adds another heart to your health meter.

The other thing that coins can be spent on is purchasing a new character. Their main differences are cosmetic, as the power-ups will stay the same and the power-up upgrades will remain from character to character. They can cost as little as 1,000 coins, or as much as 15,000 coins, depending on the character.

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