Tombshaft: Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

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Tombshaft is a new iOS and Android game roguelite where you slide down tombs, grab treasure, avoid increasingly-dangerous enemies and traps, and try to make it as far in as you can. You can unlock all sorts of new characters, grab artifacts, defeat enemies, grab coins, and more on your way to the bottom of the tomb.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Tombshaft!

Jump down the levels, but don’t go too quickly or too slowly, because if you accidentally fall off of the bottom of the level, or get dragged off the top of the level, your run is done. Otherwise, your hearts indicate the amount of hits that you can take from enemies before your run is done.

You can lose hearts from hitting enemies or hitting traps. To avoid losing hearts from traps, simply avoid them. To avoid losing hearts from enemies, you can either avoid them, or you can jump on their heads. You do that, and the enemy will disappear, and you’ll earn a bonus coin for jumping on them. Think of it like the Mario games.

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Be sure to collect all of the coins and hearts that you can find. Coins, of course, buy new characters later on. If you’ve lost a heart from stepping on a spike trap or running sideways into an enemy, the heart will recover the hit point that you lost.

When you get to the bottom of the tomb on a specific stage (such as 1-1 or 1-2 or 4-1, etc) for the first time, you’ll earn an artifact. Artifacts can be collected and then can reveal new characters later on in the game. If you reach it again, you’ll earn a large number of coins from the treasure chest instead.

You can unlock a number of new characters as you go on, once you earn enough artifacts to reveal the new character and make it available in the store. Once the character becomes available, they’ll appear as a question mark in the store; before that, and they will appear as locks.

The main benefit to each new character is that they have varying special moves, which isn’t always a benefit. For example, if you are used to the initial Spelunker, switching characters can throw you off because you won’t be able to slide down walls. Consequently, you might find a benefit from switching characters.

The other benefit is that some characters have more hearts than others, meaning that they can take more hits. The Spelunker, for example, has three hearts, but the Ninja, despite being a character that you have to pay to unlock, only has two hearts. So if you want the most durable character over all else, including speed, then you’ll need to pick the one with the most hearts.

If you want to restart a level from where you left off, all that you have to do is hit the video restart button to do it for free without spending any coins. You’ll watch an ad and then the stage will restart from where you left off. Your other choice is to pay 25 coins, or you can simply start back over from level 1-1.

You can catch a bonus before a level even begins by tapping on the icon of the treasure chest with the video player on it. You’ll spin to win either a number of coins or a brand new character for free. You’ll have to watch the video ad first, and the bonus will be available only a limited number of times per day.

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