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Vampire Survivors (mobile): Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategies

Vampire Survivors on the iOS and Android is the mobile version of the wildly popular computer game, Vampire Survivors. This game brings all of the fun of the original to the small screen, allowing you to play as many different vampire hunters, earn various weapons and magic spells as you go, and try to survive for as long as possible, as well as collect as many coins as possible.

Read on for a collection of tips and tricks for Vampire Survivors Mobile!

Each character in this game has their own starting weapon. For example, your very first character starts off with the whip, and your other characters will use the magic wand, and the knife, but every character can also pick up the weapons that they don’t start with when they level up. Because of this, there is very little difference as far as what character you pick.

The main difference here, as far as advantage goes, is when you pick Gennaro. He gives you the biggest advantage, because he has an automatic +1 projectile bonus to literally every weapon that you hold or pick up. Of course, he is also the most expensive hero to purchase, although at 550 coins, he is still fairly cheap compared to most upgrades.

There are many different heroes to unlock besides the original four, though. Many of the achievements that you can complete will allow you to unlock new heroes, and once you do that, you can then purchase them and use them in different stages as you wish.

Most of the level has to do with mobs, not bosses, and overall mobs are harder to beat consistently so you’re going to want to tailor your build around dealing with large quantities of enemies. Pick a combination of skills that will allow you to deal with as many enemies as possible and as short of a time as possible.

The best way to pick up coins in a level is to look for the treasure chests, which drop when you defeat a boss. The treasure chests will give you massive amounts of coins, sometimes over 200, but if you don’t pick them up, then their bonuses will be lost forever.

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Another excellent way to earn coins is by hitting the fire statues with any weapons. The fire statues contain either one coin, or 10 coins, which appears in the shape of a money bag. The fire statue also contains a roast chicken, which restores your health, or a magnet ball, which draws all of the experience on the stage that you haven’t picked up yet toward you.

The goal in this game is pure survival, so do anything that you can to survive for as long as possible, even if you have to skip taking out some enemies or picking up some experience. You can always grab the experience or later on in order to pick up what you missed and gain a few levels in the process.

To unlock new skills and talents, go to the “unlocks“ tab and see what you have to do. Many of the unlocks require you to reach a certain level, defeat a certain number of enemies, or even reach a certain level within new lands. These lands can be unlocked by reaching a specific level in the current land that you’re in now.