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20 Minutes Till Dawn – Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

20 Minutes Till Dawn is a new Roguelike survival shooter for the iOS and Android platforms that draws inspiration from the Steam classic, Vampire Survivors. You can play as one of seven different characters, each with their own perks, you can pick from one of seven different starting weapons, and you can pick up a nearly limitless number of upgrades in battle. You can earn coins, purchase, runes, and other bonuses, and try to make your way through increasingly tougher and tougher levels.

Read on for a collection of tips and tricks for 20 Minutes Till Dawn!

To start with, this is one of the few newer games in existence that comes in both a free mode and a paid mode. They are essentially the same game, but the paid mode does away with many of the inconveniences, such as watching advertisement videos for bonuses. the free version of the game is still excellent, though, because there are no random ads, only those which you choose to watch for bonuses.

You have two different modes that you can play. Quick play mode is a 10 minute round, similar to, and you can level up faster overall. Normal mode is a 20 minute battle, and while it takes longer to finish, you can earn achievement bonuses, which cannot be earned in the quick play mode.

The seven different weapons have vastly different properties, and each of them have their own value, not just on their own merits, but also in how they affect the different upgrades that you can earn by leveling up in battle. As an example, the Holy Art, which gives you “smite“ when you run out of ammunition, and have to reload, is extremely useful with a weapon, like the revolver, or the shotgun, but is useless with weapons, such as the bat gun, or the SMG, which provide lots of ammunition per clip.

While in general, it is good to shoot as much as possible, occasionally, you might want to stop shooting in order to collect your experience within the round. This is because your charter runs significantly faster when you are not shooting. Use this to your advantage, collect enough experience to gain a level, unlock a new skill, and then use it to your advantage.

You earn a varying amount of coins, depending on how long you last and how many enemies you destroy. Stick around as long as possible in order to maximize the number of coins that you earn. these coins are used for purchasing new characters and weapons, as well as purchasing ruins.

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Runes are pieces of equipment that can aid either your attack or your defense; you can only equip one room from each category. These are also the only items in the game that you can upgrade after you purchase them; simply go to the purchase screen and hit the upgrade button, as long as you have the right number of coins.

Mobs are significantly harder to beat than minibosses are, so when you are picking skills, go for the skills that will give you the most help when it comes to defeating mobs. We do the same for the choice of character that you pick; Lilith is a particularly effective character due to the spirits that are shot out by fallen enemies.