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Lonely Survivor – Best Build Guide and Weapon Skill Tier List, Part 2

In addition to the active skills, it also matters what weapon you equip; there are plenty of them that you will unlock from chests, overtime, and certain weapons are far more effective than others when it comes to beating tough levels.

The top weapon in the game is the halberd, which has the “sweep“ skill, the reason that we list this as our top weapon is that mobs are generally harder to beat in bosses, and there is no better weapon at taking care of mobs than the halberd is. Additionally, one of the evolutions is the “giant sweep“ skill, which not only works even better for mobs, but has two sweeps at a time, that allow it to do double the damage to bosses.

Following closely behind the halberd is the bow and arrow, which uses the “penetrating arrows” skill. These arrows, as suggested by the name, will go through anything in their path, allowing you to cut through large groups of mobs, and as you upgrade the skill, you can fire more arrows at a time. Both of the evolutions not only increase the amount of arrows that are fired, but increase the damage significantly, making this the second best mob destroyer in the game.

The sword is the third best weapon in the game. The sword gives you the “sweep“ skill, which sends a sword, wave lasting through mobs, and more sword waves are added as you upgrade it. Plus, both of the evolutions are fairly useful, especially the “giant sweep“ evolution, which is huge, and it does loads of damage, and also penetrates through everything in its path.

The fourth best weapon in the game is the Shuriken, which is the weapon that you start the game with. It’s a single shot, that can be upgraded into multiple shots, and you can aim at wherever you want, although it doesn’t penetrate through more than one mob at a time. Both of its evolutions are useful and are good for both mobs and bosses.

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The worst weapon in the game is the fire staff, which gives you the fire ball skill. The fireball skill aims automatically, but most of the time, it’s not going to aim where you want to fire it, and it’s extremely difficult to get it to aim properly. The two evolutions are both fairly useful, but they are also difficult to aim, because they have the same inherent aiming flaw as the fire ball itself does.

The flerken claw is a weapon skill that you can only get from special event chests, and due to being an SSR weapon, it comes with a higher amount of base strength than any of the other weapons, so it doesn’t really fit anywhere on this list. The base skill is “rip”, and it can evolve into either “soul surge“ or “frantic rip“.

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As follows, here is how we would rank each of the weapons:




Bow and Arrows





Fire Staff



We will update this list when a normal version of the clock comes out, but for now, we will avoid putting it in the tier list, due to the unfair advantage that it has.

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