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Beat the Boss 2 Weapon Crafting Guide: How to craft weapons in the workshop

In Beat the Boss 2, some of the weapons that you can buy will simply be bought in the store, using coins. However, many of the good weapons have to be crafted in the workshop. These weapons are some of the more rare ones that can’t be found in the game aside from using the workshop to craft them, but once you do you’ll be able to craft, buy and use them. Read on to find out all that you need to know about crafting weapons!

You can craft a weapon once you have all three of the weapons parts that you need to complete the weapon recipe. To find out what you need to craft it, simply go to the weapon shop, and tap on any of the weapons that has an image of the boss with a baseball cap next to it. When you tap any of these weapons, you will be taken to the workshop.

Once you are in the workshop, you’ll have a list of the potential weapons you can get, along with the three weapons parts that you need in order to proceed with crafting the weapon. If you have at least one of every part, then you will be able to craft the weapon. If not, then you will have to wait until you have the parts necessary.

In order to earn more weapon parts, play the pirate game or kill the boss. Killing the boss is a much more reliable way to earn the weapon parts, as they do pop up pretty frequently while you are playing. In the pirate game, 2 out of the 9 treasure chests will have a weapon part in them, which is not very good odds.

However, you can buy a craft weapon using diamonds if you want to, and you won’t even have to use weapon parts if you do it this way. Otherwise, you’ll pay coins to craft a weapon if you have the parts for it. Once you build it, you can upgrading it using only coins, just like any other normal weapon.