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Lonely Survivor – Best Build Guide and Weapon Skill Tier List (Update: Version 1.11.0)

Lonely Survivor pits you against a large number of enemies through a nearly endless array of stages. Your equipment loadout is important, but arguably even more important are the skills that you decide to incorporate into your character build. These skills can be picked up throughout the level, and the right combination of skills can mean victory or defeat.

The most hilariously overpowered weapon skill is one that was added during the 1.11.0 update, and that is the Volcano Guard, which evolves into the Lava Hell. Against mobs, you can stand in the middle of the volcano and avoid damage altogether, because enemies cannot pass through the volcano.

Against minibosses, it is also extremely powerful because if they run into the volcano, they get pushed back, plus it deals a ton of damage. Against big bosses, there is no pushback, but it’s easy to draw bosses into it, where they will take massive damage.

The Prism Tower/Magnetic Storm is almost as useful as the Volcanic Guard. It is slightly less effective against mobs due to the straight line trajectory, but slightly more effective against bosses. You can also hide inside of the tower, just like the volcano, and avoid damage.

One of the best weapon skills to equip in any situation is the Meteorite Technique. During battles against hords, this skill drops meteorites around the level randomly, but despite not looking like they are targeted at all, they typically hit. They do area damage, and they do a significant amount of it.

Toxic Swamp has been moved up to S-Tier, because there are very few other skills that can knock out tough mobs so effectively, especially as you upgrade it. Once you upgrade it to the Poison Nova, it becomes massively powerful, and can do heavy damage to mobs all over the screen. These skills are also easy to aim at a boss, or to drop in the path of a charging boss, so that when it stops, it ends up taking massive damage.

The place where the meteorite technique really shines is in any of the boss battles that you might encounter throughout the game. When you are in a boss battle, all of the meteorites will directly target the boss, no matter where you are in the arena. This will allow you to focus primarily on avoiding attacks, while the attacks on the boss take care of themselves thanks to this technique.

The next best active skill is Tornado. This shoots tornadoes out randomly from your character, three or more at a time, and as you upgrade it, the tornadoes will get bigger and deal more damage. The targeting is always random, but they tend to shoot out in a cluster.

The reason that this technique is so effective is that the tornadoes do absolutely massive amounts of damage, more than any other technique. Against hordes, this sets up a situation where you can follow your tornadoes after they release and almost always get to a safe area and pick up loads of stones. Plus, the massive amounts of damage will make short work of any boss, even if the targeting is sometimes spotty.

The third best technique to use is the Flame Bird and the Frost Bird. One shoots out a large number of missiles clockwise, while the other sheets out a large number of missiles counterclockwise. These do large amounts of area damage, but there is something else that makes them great as well.

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These do not need a passive skill in order to evolve. You simply need to upgrade both of them to five stars, and then you can evolve them together into the Fire and Ice Phoenix. Not only does this increase the number of missiles and the damage that they do, but because these two active skills evolve into one active skill, you end up opening a new slot late in the level.

The Psychic Orb/Split Orb is also excellent. It bounces around hurting various enemies, and when at high levels, you have a ton of them bouncing around at a high speed, making them effective against both mobs and bosses.

ST Domain used to be one of the top techniques, but the emergence of the Volcano Guard and the Prism Tower have rendered it somewhat useless. Still, it is not a bad one to use against weaker and more numerous mobs

This group of techniques will take up all five of your slots, but after evolving the birds, you will have a new slot open. So what should you fill it with?

The Whistling Arrow might be the best option here. This is because as you upgrade it, far more Whistling Arrows join the fray, constantly bouncing around the screen and doing damage.

The Icicles are a decent option, because they are easy to aim. They do a high amount of horizontal damage and because of this, it is easy to aim them at bosses.

The Boomerang is alright. It’s not the best option, but it can penetrate and do a large amount of damage, albeit with a random aim.

The Laser Cannon is not very useful. It does too little damage, no area damage, and is too much of a pain to aim.

The Lightning Ball is almost entirely useless. It circles you with a ball of lightning that does very little damage, and if you have ST Domain, then the lightning ball hardly ever gets a chance to even land a hit.

The skill tier list is as follows:


Volcanic Guard

Toxic Swamp

Frost Bird

Flame Bird


Whistling Arrow

Psychic Orb

Prism Tower

ST Domain





Laser Cannon

Lightning Ball


Friday 9th of September 2022

"The Toxic Swamp has a large area of damage, but it doesn’t do much and is aimed randomly, and while it can be somewhat effective against hordes, it is useless against bosses."

I do not agree. Toxic swamp is considered as the best skill on the discord, and it is my favorite too. Thats right, when you get the first 2 lvl, it doesnt do much, after lvl 3 or some "range extension" and "multiple casting", it gets better. it is aimed randomly but as you do with tornado, you can follow to enter the area to keep safe... And... the ultimate version, Poison Nova (you need magnetic force in order to upgrade it) is overpowered : huge area, massive damage, massive slow with the swamps boots... Poison Nova is a better defensive option than ST Domain. Give it a try ! ;)


Tuesday 6th of September 2022

Some of the things written here are totally wrong... First of all, the swamp is good because although it does little damage when it's shot, it lasts for a certain amount of time, stacking the damage and if u pick the right passive skills u can increase the time it lasts(For this skill I recommend three passives that enhance it and enhance most of the other abilities: Idk the exact names but it's the passive that decreases cooldown between swamp placements, the one that increases the number of swamps and the one that increases the range. U can also pick the one that increases the time the swamps last it's also a good boost to it's damage). When going against hordes its very useful because it clears space for u to run and as it stays there for a little u can stop on top of it to think what to do next, where to go, without having to focus on the enemies too muck... when it evolves to it's ultimate form, it shoots purple swamps in quite big circular range around u and deals massive damage, even to bosses. In boss fights it's also useful because u can focus on evading the boss's attacks while it deals damage on it's own. Basically, although in the beggining it's a little worse than the others, it will prove it's worth during mid-late game. Now, the lighting balls are also underrated. Yes, in the beggining to mid game it's worse than the rest but that is alone... if u use sanctuary together with it, u can own those mobs. Just like sanctuary, if u don't get the upgrade cards for this skill it will be useless after some time and the mobs will start making damage. Now if u buy sanctuary and the lighting balls together it will be harder to die even if u didn't have the chance to upgrade them like u wanted. Also, in it's ultimate form, the lighting balls are permanent and they turn yellow, get bigger and do big amounts of damage too. For this one I recommend the passives of increasing the number of balls(If u use this skill together with swamp, the passive i just mentioned will increase the number of both, and therefore increasing the damage output. This combo saved me many times in late game specially.), and to increase the range(In late game, if u decide to upgrade it to it's ultimate form, with the extra range, u will be able to damage to the boss without having to be really close to it). I forgot to mention but u can also pick the passive of increasing the time they last spinning around... although it's useless after u evolve it to it's ultimate form because it becomes permanent, u can use the passive to boost it's damage a little in the beggining to mid game. The passive can also be used to boost other non-permanent skills that don't become permanent even after their ultimate upgrade like the swamp for example. And finally the Laser... this one can actually be considered the most useless yes, because u can't complement it with other abilities. It's a fact that it does little to almost no damage and u have to stop or turn around to aim the laser and that is risky specially if u are running for ur life in the middle of the horde. However, they failed to mention one thing: THE LASER'S ULTIMATE FORM IS OP. In the first five upgrades, yes it's basically useless but when u upgrade it to it's ultimate form, oh boy... I myself did it out of curiosity, and i was amazed. The Laser becomes a gigantic red line, like literally, there's no other spell in the game with a bigger range. It doesn't do explosive damage, but it lasts for for a couple of seconds so it stacks just like the swamp, and then it does actually do huge damage. Another thing is that it doesn't stop in place, u can move the laser as freely as u want while u walk too so it loses a few of it's cons... It's not permanent, that would be too op, but u can decrease the cooldown with passives, and increase the duration and range too. This ultimate is very good both at cleaning hordes and killing bosses because although u need to stop to aim at the boss, u can be really far giving u time before the bosses attacks hit u. One more thing, swamp, with lighting balls, with sanctuary and with icicles(in it's ultimate, and u need to have the passive of increasing the number) is an awesome combo u should definitely try out once... it's hard to do but after u upgrade them max, u can pretty muck leave ur phone alone and go do somehting else that u will get no damage. It creates the ultimate defense against hordes kk.