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Survivor!.io – Best Build Guide and Weapon Skill Tier List

Survivor!.io pits you against a large number of zombies through a nearly endless array of chapters. Your equipment loadout is important, but arguably even more important are the skills that you decide to incorporate into your character build. These skills can be picked up throughout the level, and the right combination of skills can mean victory or defeat.

Read on for a multi-part guide to making the best build, as well as a full tier list of skills in Survivor!.io!

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The Lightning Emitter is the best of the weapon skills that you can have in your repertoire, far and away and bar none. The Lightning Emitter shoots out a bolt of lightning and randomly targets an enemy, and as you upgrade it, it shoots out more bolts of lightning, and does more damage with each one that shoots out.

The reason that this one is so effective is that when there’s a boss on the screen, all of the lightning will target the boss. This allows you to simply run around and dodge attacks, without having to worry about targeting the boss yourself. Not to mention that it evolves into the Supercell, which operates in a similar manner, but does absolutely astronomical amounts of damage with very large thunderbolts.

After that, having the best build starts and ends with using both types of drones, the Type-A and Type-B Drone. Both of these drones rain missiles down upon the enemies, and aside from a pallet swap and firing in different directions, they both work the same way and are equally effective against both large groups of zombies and big bosses.

Not only that, but when you have both of these drones together and you upgrade them to the maximum star level, they can be evolved into the Defender, which is one single drone that fires in multiple directions with unbelievable amounts of fire power and missile volume. Not only that, but because both drones transform into one Defender, you end up with one free skill slot after the evolution.

The next most important orange skill to have is the Force Field. This creates a permanent shield around your character, and when any zombie touches it, they will take damage, and for most zombies, this will be enough damage to knock them out in one shot. Without using this, you will be very easily susceptible to being defeated by large, rushing hordes of fast zombies, so this is an essential survival component.

The Lightning Emitter, the two drones, and the forcefield are the absolute necessities. After that, you can change things up a bit and lose out on very little, but there are still some orange skills that are stronger than others, starting with the RPG. What makes the RPG good is that not only does it do AOE damage, but it aims automatically and fires right at zombies, so that it never fires off into empty space.

The next best skill to have is either the Brick or the Durian. The Brick launches upward and then falls down or, making it very easy to control and aim, it does significant amounts of damage, and the upgrades add more bricks per throw for even greater levels of damage. Plus, when it evolves, it becomes the Dumbbell, which fires outward in all directions from your character and does loads of damage.

The Durian rolls around the stage in a diagonal manner, endlessly bouncing off the walls and running over any zombie that it finds in the process. And being that it acts independently, it’s not possible to email it, although you can lure enemies and bosses into it by moving strategically.

This fills up all of the skill slots, at least until you evolve the drones, then you have one skill slot left. The leftover skills are the Soccer Ball, the Drill Shot, the Guardian, Molotov Cocktail, Boomerang, and the Lightning Emitter. So which of these are best and worst?

We’ll start off with the worst option, which is, by far, the Guardian. This creates a little spinning blades that circle your character and cut anything in their path. The problem with them is that they do far too little damage, and they constantly disappear and reappear, making them useless for all but the very beginning of the game.

The Soccer Ball, Drill Shot, and Boomerang are all useful, but they are all variations on the same theme, which is a randomly aimed shot that does damage to whatever is in its path. The damage is good, but it’s hard to pick one over any of the others.

The Laser Launcher sends a series of lasers bouncing vertically from where your character is. These lasers do a fairly light amount of damage, so they aren’t very useful against bosses, but they have a large area of a fact, which makes them very useful against hordes.

The outlier here is the Molotov Cocktail. The Molotov Cocktail is very easy to aim, and deals a moderate amount of consistent burning damage. Plus, when you upgrade it, you can fire many more of them at a time, and they cover a huge area.

Out of all of these, the Molotov Cocktail is arguably the best one due to the wide area of damage. All of the others are useful in their own ways, though. Except for the Guardian, which is almost useless for the majority of the game.

Here is our tier list of the best and worst skills:


Lightning Emitter

Type-A Drone

Type-B Drone

Force Field






Laser Launcher

Molotov Cocktail

Soccer Ball

Drill Shot




Now that we have a breakdown of what the best weapons skills are, you know much of what you need to know in order to have a great loadout and beat the toughest zombies and bosses in the game, but another important factor is what weapons you equip before the game even starts.

Not all weapons are created equal in this game, not by a long shot. Some of your equipment weapons are very useful and almost overpowered, or some other ones are borderline useless. Let’s go over which weapons are the worst ones first.

The worst weapon in this game, by far, is the revolver. The revolver does the most shot damage, but you can only hit one zombie at a time, and you have to aim it manually. It’s extremely difficult to aim it in the direction that you want to.

On top of all that, your character has to pause to reload the revolver after every six shots fired. That’s a long period of time without any shots, and that time can make or break a run in this game.

The second worst weapon is the shotgun. The shotgun has many of the same problems that the revolver has; the only strength that it has against the revolver is that the damage is area damage, not single shot damage, so you can knock out multiple zombies at a time with this weapon. Still, it’s far more of a pain to use than it’s worth.

The lightbringer is the sword weapon in this game, and is one of the better ones. You have targeted area damage by the sweeps that the sword makes, and The damage is high. The only weakness with this one is not that much distance on your attacks, but considering all of the other strengths, this weapon is head and shoulders above the revolver and the shotgun.

The Kunai is the second best weapon in the game. This is the weapon that you start the game with, in a while it might not seem like much at first, there is one thing in particular that gives this a huge advantage over most other weapons.

This is a single target weapon, just like the revolver, but unlike the revolver, there are no breaks after six shots. Additionally, the coon I automatically aims, so no shots are wasted, and it’s extremely effective against bosses because of this.

The best weapon in the game is the baseball bat. The baseball bat has a short distance of attack, but a large range, and with each upgrade, the range gets bigger and bigger. By the time the bat is fully upgraded, you will be swinging at half the zombies on the screen.

Because of the range of the bat, it’s also easy to aim it against bosses, and most of the time, you can still fairly easily avoid damage while doing this. This makes the baseball bat the best weapon in the game.


Thursday 17th of November 2022

Guardian has knock back. It is easily a S-Tier. And it blocks most projectiles, it is a must have.


Thursday 27th of July 2023



Wednesday 25th of January 2023

@Matt, yeah I was gonna say the same thing. If you get the right tech part, the knock back increases even more. A must have for levels for big hordes and zombies with guns.