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Survivor!.io – Pet Guide: All Pets, Pet Upgrades, Best Pets, Pet Cookies, and More!

Survivor!.io is a massively popular bullet hell roguelike for the Android and iOS platforms that has been around for awhile, but is continuously getting new features added. One of the most recent features is the pet feature, which allows you to go into battle using a pet. This adds an entirely new dimension to the game, as well as an entirely new method of strategy.

There are many different pets that you can collect, each with their own statistics, and each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Plus, the process of collecting pets can be just as addictive as the process of collecting new equipment and parts.

Read on for a guide to earning and upgrading pets, which pets are the best, how to get extremely rare pets, more pet cookies, and all sorts of other details about pets in Survivor!.io!

In order to get to the area where you can unlock and deploy pets, first, you have to be upgraded to the newest version of the game, so be sure to update your game if you haven’t already. If you don’t update the game, the pet area will not show up.

Next, go to the equipment area, and a new icon that looks like a Shiba Inu will have been added. Tap this icon to go to the pet area, and you will get to see what pets you have, unlock new pets, and track how many pet cookies you have.

So what is the difference between deploying pets and having assist pet? The pet that you deploy will show up on the battle screen itself, it will attack enemies with its own special skills, and it will have its own health bar that, when its HP drops to zero, will cause the pet to faint.

Assist, on the other hand, will only cause the pet to provide a boost either to the owner, or to the main deployed pet. Assistant pets are also completely useless if their rarity is anything below better, or blue. Evolve them to blue in order to unlock an assist skill.

There are many ways to get more pet cookies, many of which are contained within this area itself. You can watch advertisement videos in order to earn pet cookies for free. You can trade coins for them, and you can also trade gems for them. So you can spend as much or as little as you want to, and still get enough cookies to make a difference.

It costs 300 gems to unlock one pet, and 2680 gems to unlock 10 pets at a time. You’re going to want as many pets as possible because not only can you deploy them, but you can also use assistant pets, and you can upgrade and evolve the ones that you have. Whether pets are a better investment than the equipment is up to you, but if you’ve already been playing for a while before this update and you already have a full load of excellent or legendary equipment, then you might want to go for pets.

Your main pet is the one that shows up on the battlefield. Your assistant pets do not show up, but your main pet will use their skills to help out you and your character during the battle. Your strongest pet should always be your main one, while your assistants can be chosen depending on their skills and how much you like them, but should always be at least at the blue tier, because anywhere below that, and they have no skills.

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Pets can be evolved to the next rarity level in much the same way as equipment and tech parts can. Merge three identical common pets to get a good pet. Makes three identical good pets to get a better pet. Merge three identical better pets to get an excellent pet.

Merge an excellent pet with another excellent pet that isn’t necessarily identical to get an excellent +1 pat. Merge two excellent +1 pets to get an excellent +2 pet. Merge two excellent +2 pets to get one legendary pet.

Merge two epic pets to get an epic +1 pet. Merge two epic +1 pets to get an epic +2 pet. Merge two epic +2 pets to get an epic +3 pet. Merge epic +3 pets to get a legend pet.

You can use pet cookies to level up your pets, which greatly increases their attack and health. Pets do not augment your statistics; rather, they have their own set of statistics. their attack power is completely separate from your attack power, while your health is completely separate from their health.

Your pets include Murica the eagle, Crabobble the crab, Rex the dog, Cheshire the cat, Whaley the whale, Shelly the turtle, Neemo the goldfish, and Croaky the frog. Out of all of these, the whale is easily the best one, because it’s S-grade, meaning that it has the highest statistics by far, and is the rarest to acquire.

One other strange detail that has been discovered is that when your pet runs out of HP and faints, they can be used to block projectiles. Even when they lose all of their health, they will still be laying on the battlefield, and if you stand in a way so that your pet is right in between you and the enemy that is shooting projectiles, then the projectiles will be blocked by your pet’s body.