Ulala: Idle Adventure – Pets Guide, Part 2

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Pet Adventure (or Pet Explore)

Pet Adventure, or Pet Explore, unlocks at level 32. You’ll get to send your pet on rare quests from here. You can either manually choose pets, or auto-pick pets (five at a time). You can send them on uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, or legend quests.

When you finish picking your pets for the exploration, they will complete it automatically over the course of anywhere between 4-8 hours, depending on the adventure rarity. The quests that have more of a rare ranking take a whole lot longer to finish, but they provide far better rewards.

Generally, your rewards for these quests consist of fossils (both standard fossils and rare fossils) and shells, with more and rarer fossils being the reward for the rarest quests, as well as more and rarer shells.

Even if you send a pet out on a pet expedition, you will still be able to use them in your main battle area.

Pet Active Skills and Passive Skills

Each pet has a number of active and passive skill slots that they can unlock. You’ll see them inside of the “research” area, and they will be locked at first, indicated by a lock icon. As said above, level 30 upgrade level is the beginning of being able to unlock any skills at all, but as you gain levels, more skills will unlock.

You can use a total of two active skills and six passive skills per pet. Active skills include healing spells, attack spells, or other moves that would qualify as active moves. Passive skills, on the other hand, provide buffs or stat boosts to your pets.

These sorts of skills can be very effective. In particular, you can turn your pet into a powerhouse that can offset your weaknesses, especially if you are playing as a non-healer or a character with very low attack.

Skill Shards

You can unlock more skills by earning skill shards once a skill slot is available. Skill shards (or skills) can be found in many of the same places that other items can, such as loot drops, pet explore/pet adventure, or in the black market for purchase.

It takes a specific number of pet skill shards to unlock a new pet skill. The rarer and more useful the skill is, the longer that it takes to unlock it.

Pet Stamina

Once you unlock Pet Explore, then Stamina begins to become a factor. When stamina runs out, you won’t be able to explore again for awhile. This is another reason why you should keep a large collection of pets around. Once a pet’s stamina is depleted, all that you have to do is swap in another pet.

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There are two ways that you can restore the stamina of a pet. One is to let the pet sit for awhile, because it will restore two stamina points per hour. Of course, you can also use starfish or pearls to restore your pet’s stamina instantly.

What To Do With Common or Duplicate Pets

Once you unlock the Pet Explore, then you should keep around a large number of pets, even if they are a duplicate or a common/low stat pet. The more pets you have around, the more expeditions you can send them out on.

Aside from that, you can use your dupes or your more common pets as fodder for both Standard and Rare Fossils by releasing them. You can earn both fossils from your pets, and you can convert 100 standard fossils to 1 rare fossil.

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