Ulala: Idle Adventure – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

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Ulala: Idle Adventure is a smash hit new idle RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. Unlike other idle RPG’s for the platform, it doesn’t overload you with options and upgrades; instead, you get just the right flow of new equipment and items, and a number of new areas that unlock as you gain levels.

You can challenge bosses to make it to new levels, countries, and continents, while the game takes care of the grinding for experience, equipment, and currencies for you (for the most part). And there’s no pay to win here – you can survive and thrive without spending any money. You can earn as many pearls, shells, and starfish as you need.

Plus, your team and other players’ teams can combine together to take on the toughest challenges and bosses. With your character as part of a team, you can make it farther than you thought possible.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Ulala: Idle Adventure!

Picking the Right Class

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There are a total of eight different classes that you can pick from at the beginning of the game. These classes range from ranged fighters to melee fighters, from physical fighters to magicians, and from tanks to healers and DPS (damage per second) attackers.

The right one for you depends on your playing style – look at the stats of all of the characters, plus experiment with them, since you can run multiple characters under the same account. If you are a veteran of MMOs, your typical choice of character there will probably be similar here, too.

Very few people want to be the healer, but everybody who runs a team wants to have a healer on it. Pick a healing class (high support stat denotes healer) and you’ll be in major demand for other players’ teams and can find it easy to get picked for a high-level team, which can lead to some extremely fast progress for your character.

Bind Your Account

We can’t stress this enough – no guest accounts. Bind your account. For us, a signal error led to an accidental download of additional data, which led to a data corruption, which forced us to delete and reinstall Ulala, causing us to lose two characters on a guest account. So as soon as you can, bind your account to Facebook, Google, WeChat, or whatever you wish.

Many Ways To Beat Tough Bosses

Right from the beginning of the game, the combat will begin to take place on its own, and you’ll gain experience and other goodies whenever you come back from being offline for any period of time. However, you won’t move from place to place while offline. To do that, you’ll need to hit Challenge to challenge the area boss, then beat the boss.

When you are playing actively, you can challenge the boss over and over again, in short succession, at least until you lose. If you do, the first step is to check your equipment and to enhance it all the way up.

Enhance as high as you can (limit is player level) without worrying about equipment rarity, as the enhancement level applies to the equipment slot itself, not the single piece of equipment. So the enhancement will transfer to any piece of equipment that you equip at any point in time.

Upgrade your skills the same way, or, if you have unspent skill points from level-ups (five per level), you can go to the attributes section of your character column and spend them. If all of that has been done already, then your best bet is to go to the storage, find cooked food (or cook up some raw food in the cooking area), and then eat it.

Food will give your entire party a boost in a particular stat for about ten minutes in a row. You can even eat multiple food items for multiple boosts. Don’t eat it all, though, as you will need some food in order to find more pets.

Failing all this, your best bet is to simply let your characters grind for awhile, then come back when they have more levels or loot. After some combination of grinding and equipping new stuff, go back to the challenge with the tough boss, try the battle again, and chances are you’ll probably win it.

Pets Make All The Difference

Pets are one of the most effective ways to beat any boss. To start off with, a common question asked in the in-game chat is if you can ride any of the pets. You can ride the bigger pets. All that you have to do is purchase the pet season pass for $5.

To get more pets, go to the cooking area and cook some food, then use that food to catch pets instead of eating it. Go back to the catch area after awhile and you’ll see some animals gathered there. Capture, and you’ll get at least one new pet; in all likelihood, you’ll get more than one pet in one shot.

Pets range in rarity from common, uncommon, rare, to epic, to legendary, with higher rarities typically meaning better statistics and more battle effectiveness. Instead of just going by rarity when figuring out which pet to use, though, look through their attributes and their stats.

Oftentimes, the pet with the highest attack becomes the one that is the most effective in battle. Other times, it’s the one that dominates in another stat. The elemental attributes play a huge role, too, depending on the elemental types of the bosses you’re currently fighting. So swap out pets when you need to in order to find the perfect elemental match.

Elemental Countering

It’s good to have many different pets, because each pet has different elementals (fire, water, lightning, etc), and just like in Pokémon, each elemental counters a different type (water beats fire, etc). Knowing the elemental types and who they counter will give you strong advantages against bosses.

So if you get beat against a boss with one pet, go to the pet area, switch out your pets, then fight the boss again and see if you win it.

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