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Hammer Jump: Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Hammer Jump is a new idle game for the iOS and Android platforms starring a hammer that’s trying to dig as far down into the earth as it can. Your goal is to get rich, power up your hammer to enable it to dig even more, and collect as much treasure as you can on the way down.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Hammer Jump!

You have multiple ways that you can play the game actively. One method is simply to hold down in the direction that you want the hammer to go. The drawback of this, though, is that after the hammer hits its target, it will bounce off in another direction and then have to take some time to recover, but it will bounce back in the direction you’re holding it.

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Another method is to tap rapidly, and the hammer will go exactly where you want it to go. It will drill down like a jackhammer, and if you tap quickly enough, it will never bounce off in another direction. You can use this to essentially jackhammer your way to whatever direction that you want to go.

You don’t just have to go down or sideways, either. You can make the hammer go back up by tapping up above the hammer. You can use this to go back and get treasure that you missed, or you can simply make your hammer fly around the blank dirt (which is worth only one dollar apiece) in order to get to treasure quicker or get lower into the cavern quicker.

You collect offline income when you’re not actively playing the game, but you don’t gain any distance. If you want to gain some distance over a long period of time, too, then leave the game active with your phone’s auto-sleep turned off overnight while you’re sleeping. You might not get too far, but you’ll at least get past one or two new levels. The best time to do this is right after you beat a level.

You can buy upgrades to your hammer by increasing the power, which will make it so that each block takes less hits for your hammer to break through. It will also change the appearance of your hammer, so you can have a pickaxe, buzzsaw, anvil, a golden shovel, and other interesting implements.

Whenever you see a large artifact sitting in the dirt, tap and dig over to it to collect it. Each artifact is worth a significant amount of money. Not only that, but they can fill up specific rows of artifacts in your collection area. If you complete an entire row of artifacts, then you will earn a huge reward.

Take every ad video offer that you can for more money. Ad videos will be offered at random points for anywhere between double and quadruple the earnings, and with more earnings, you can do far more upgrades to the power of your hammer.


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