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Hammer Bomb – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Hammer Bomb is a new 3D endless dungeon-crawler for the iOS and Android, with graphics that bring to mind some of the great 16-bit or 32-bit 3D games of yesteryear. Your goal in this game is to crawl from level to level, avoiding and defeating enemies, finding crystals, and moving onto the next level, using whatever power-ups you can get ahold of in order to succeed. Read on for some tips and tricks for Hammer Bomb!

Your character will run automatically. You’ll have a few different controls. Swiping left and right will turn you when you have an available turn, while swiping down will cause you to turn around. Swiping up will allow you to jump, so if you see an obstacle embedded in the ground, swipe up. If you have an item or weapon, tap the screen to use it.

Once you find all of the crystals in a level, you will be able to exit and win, but if you need to earn more coins, don’t leave right away. Explore the rest of the level to look for more coins, and then leave once you have exhausted all of them. Or you can watch an ad to get 100 coins (poor ad that you have watched). Just go to the store area and tap “get more coins”.

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Purchase items in the shop for permanent boosts. You’ll need to gain the proper experience level in order to unlock them, you will need to gain experience levels. This, of course, comes from beating levels that you play. Just play more and eventually you will level up.

If you don’t have any items at the moment, and you come across an enemy, swipe down to turn right back around, or swipe to the side to make a turn if you can. Go look for a treasure chest, as they often contain items. If you can’t find any or you have already opened all of them, then proceed carefully, get the crystals and get out of the level.

Before you purchase an item, tap it once to see a description of what it does. You can even tap items that have not been unlocked yet, in order to see the description of them. That way, you can know what to save your coins for and what to shoot for.