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Project Makeover: Guide Part 2 – Advanced Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

The special tiles that pop up all over the board can make it much, much easier to be the tough level. Not only are there five different special tiles, but when you combine two different special tiles, the results can be spectacular.

If you combine for shapes in a square, you get a small bomb. If you combine four in a row, you get a firecracker that clears out one line, either horizontally or vertically. If you combine five in a T or L shape, you get a large bomb.

If you combine five of the same shape in a row, you get the rainbow bomb, which knocks out every single piece of one color on the screen. This can have massive effects for helping you be a tough level, but the effects get even wilder when you combine pieces.

Combine two small bombs to make the same effect as a big bomb. Combine a small bomb and a firecracker or two firecrackers to blow up one line each, both horizontally and vertically. Combine two big bombs to make a giant bomb effect.

Combine two rainbow bombs to clear out the whole screen. Combine a big bomb and a fire cracker in order to clear out three lines each, both horizontally and vertically. Combine any bomb or firecracker with a rainbow bomb, and the other bomb or firecracker will proliferate all over the screen, blowing up an uncountable number of normal tiles.

Each level will have a different goal of its own in order to win, so you have to tailor your strategy depending on what that goal is. No matter what the goal is, though, the bomb combinations listed above can get you to victory easily. If your luck is not great on a particular round, though, then you might end up using up all your moves trying to wait for that one special tile.

The dress up area is a fine creativity outlet, but it’s not necessary to play with it in order to make it through levels. In fact, if all that you were in it for is the puzzles, then you cannot only skip that, but skip the makeover portions of the game altogether. The new levels will keep showing up.

If at any point you change your mind about the above, then all you have to do is take the massive amount of coins that you have saved up and spend them on doing a fast makeover. You will also have saved up a lot of cash this way, so you can then take that cash and spend it on giving your avatar a makeover.

At any point in the game after you finish with one characters makeover, you can access them again, change around there interior design as needed, or simply change their style or their clothing for fun. It won’t be of any practical use; it’s just an outlet for creativity.

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