Project Makeover: Guide for Noobs, Pros, and Hackers – Cheats, All Levels, Free Gems, and Walkthrough

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Project Makeover is a new puzzle game for the iOS and Android platforms where you complete match-three levels, dress up your character and upgrade your wardrobe, and load up on new furniture to give your apartment a glow up. You can play the game however you want – as a straight puzzle game, or as a complete makeover game.

You can collect currencies such as gems (the premium currency) and coins for clothing and furniture, and you can unlock new categories and areas to upgrade. You can even unlock an entire video series, called “drama“, which tells the stories that you go through within the game itself.

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Read on for some tips and tricks for Project Makeover!

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The method of play in the puzzle mode will be very familiar to anybody who has ever played a match three game, which is most of us. You match between three and five tiles, and when you match four or more, you have a number of special tiles that can show up on the board.

If you match four in a square, you get a small bomb. If you match four in a line, you get a firework that clears out an entire horizontal or vertical line. If you match five in an L shape or a T shape, you get a big bomb.

Finally, if you match five in a straight line, you get a rainbow piece. The rainbow piece clears off everything of the color that you mix it with. You can also mix any set of two special tiles in order to get enhanced effects, such as multiple lines cleared, even bigger explosions, or having every piece on the board cleared out.

Each time you complete a level, you earn cash, which can then be used to buy new clothing, furniture, and other household goods. To earn as much cash as possible on each level, set up as many combinations and special tiles after the winning move as you can.

The reason for this is that after the last move, if you win, every leftover special tile will be set off. Additionally, if any combinations of four or more are made on their own in the aftermath of the explosions, they will turn into special tiles, which will also set off. The more tiles you clear out after the last move, the cash task you earn for beating a level.

To unlock new stuff to purchase, all you have to do is purchase all of the goods that are currently available. After you do that, a new selection of things will pop up in the store, and when you purchase them, even more new things will appear.

Tap on the task menu in the lower left corner of the screen to find everything that’s available in the store. Purchase whatever you can as you earn coins, and more new stuff will show up in the store.

To earn free gems quickly, go back to the main introduction the screen and link your account to either Facebook or Apple. Doing one of these two things will get you 300 gems instantly.

To get back all your lives and energy if you lose them all, the easy thing to do is to go to the date and time menu any or phone, set a time ahead by a few hours, and then go back to the game. You will have a free refill at this point. Do this as often as you need to in order to keep playing as much as you want.

There is a section containing story videos, called “drama“, that doesn’t add anything to the gameplay, but allows you to learn some of the story behind the character. To unlock drama videos, you have to earn a specific number of coins. The coin bar at the top of the screen when you’re in the drama section will fill up after you have enough coins to unlock a video, at which point you can watch it.

The character who you give a makeover to at the beginning of the game is only one of the characters that you will encounter. As you make your way through the game, from level to level, when you finish the makeover of one character, you will unlock a brand new character. You will be able to give both of their personal fashion and their interior decoration a makeover, and then move onto the next character.

If you have made it so far into the game that you have run out of characters, then don’t worry, because the developers release frequent updates to the game. They will add new characters with many of their updates, allowing you to continue the makeover fun.

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  1. Holly

    I am trying to find out what the cash is good for in project make over.

    1. mOrice

      You can use it to customize your character

  2. Chanelle van Schalkwyk

    I want to know for what I can use the green cash notes that I earn on the project makeover game?

    1. mOrice

      You can use it to customize your character

  3. MEG

    Anyone know what rmthe stars you get after completing all current makeovers do? Im guessing they either equate to 300 coins each or can instanly finish a makeover task?

  4. CoolsxyChic

    How do u hack prodject makeover and get infineinite cash?

  5. Lori

    i was stucked in level 491 and it says task will be available soon. Meanwhile do i need to finish exclusive levels? it seems endless/! why its only me who has exclusive levels? My friends was able yo proceed with level 492 without undergoing exclusive levels? Gosh I hate it.

  6. Megan

    How do i get more lives? Changing the date doesn’t work for me :(


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