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Project Makeover: How to Unlock All Characters and Drama Videos

Project Makeover is a puzzle game that allows you to not only customize your own avatar character, but allows you to give makeovers two characters who are too busy and stressed to give themselves a makeover, kind of like Queer Eye. You start with one character to make over, but you can unlock a ton of them, and you can unlock a number of story sequences as well.

The story sequences are called dramas, and will give you a vision into the life of the character that you are making over.

Read on for a guide to unlocking every single character and drama sequence in Project Makeover!

When you are working on giving a character a makeover, there Will be a number of tasks given to you that are the first thing you see when you open up the main task menu. Most of these tasks cost coins to complete, so complete them all in order to move on.

Don’t waste too much time on customizing individual furniture items after you have already bought them, though. Instead, simply work on completing all of the tasks. The furniture item that you choose when you complete the task doesn’t make a difference to the gameplay.

Once you run out of tasks to complete for a character, their story will be done, and you will unlock a new character and a new story behind them. Start with their makeover just like you did with the previous character. That makeover will start with their personal grooming and looks, and continue with their interior decoration and design.

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Keep doing the same thing and unlocking new characters, until you eventually run out of characters to play. When you do, you can always go back and revisit one of your old characters, and continue to play puzzle levels in order to earn more coins.

Do this until the developers update the game and add new characters. When they do, then you will be able to do additional makeovers.

As far as unlocking the drama portion of the game, the drama portion lets you watch and create scenes with the characters. This is one of the later portions of the game to unlock, though, so don’t be surprise when you are not able to play it right away.

To unlock it, simply keep completing tasks and doing makeovers, until eventually, the option opens up. Take any task that has to do with being a director, such as the directors key or the directors chair, and complete them to take steps toward it.


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