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My Story: Mansion Makeover – Guide for Noobs, Pros, and Hackers – How To Beat the Game and Get Energy and Diamonds

My Story: Mansion Makeover is a new puzzle game for the iOS and Android platforms where you solve puzzles, clean up a dilapidated old mansion, and customize it to make it your own. You can earn diamonds and use them to purchase new premium equipment for your mansion.

This game uses a match three style of gameplay where are you simply tap a block of two or more identical tiles to get rid of them. Additionally, with large enough groups of identical tiles, you can use special pieces to help you get through the level.

Read on for some tips and tricks for My Story: Mansion Makeover!

Each level that you play has its own goal, such as getting rid of a certain number of tiles from a specific color, or using tiles to drop the gold piece down to the bottom, or to get rid of another piece that can’t be clear on its own. Every different level has its own goal, so be sure to keep that goal in mind as you play.

Depending on how many pieces you clear at a time, you can activate the firecracker, the bomb, or the mint candy. The firecracker clears out one line, either horizontally or vertically. The bomb clears out a grouping of tiles around it.

The mint candy clears out every tile of a specific color, the color being the one that matches the color of the candy. Additionally, if you tap one of the special pieces that’s next to another special piece, you can activate even more powerful effects.

Combine a mint candy with a firecracker or bomb and it will turn all pieces of that color into firecrackers or bombs, creating havoc on the screen. Combine two mint candies together to clear out literally everything on the screen. Combine two bombs, two firecrackers, or a bomb and a firecracker together for enhanced versions of the same effect.

If all you want to do is play the puzzles and you don’t care about renovating a mansion, then the game allows you to do just that. Simply tap on the next level button and ignore all of the other tasks, and you will move onto the next puzzle Level without having to deal with the storyline or the mansion.

As far as renovating the mansion goes, when you put down a new piece of furniture or do you some other kind of repair, you won’t have to pay any gyms. If you want to go back and switch it out later, then you will have to pay Jim’s. Theoretically, though, it’s possible to get through the entire game without having to pay anything.

You earn diamonds upon completing a level. There’s a set amount you get for victory plus one for every move that you have left over. So to collect as many as possible, finish the level with us many leftover moves as possible.

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You have five energy hearts at a time. You won’t lose any if you beat a level, but if you lose or if you quit in the middle of the level, you will lose one energy heart. To revive them, you can either spend diamonds, use an energy jar, or simply wait half an hour per energy point that you need to regain.

As a fun Easter egg, look around the neighborhood surrounding the mansion and you will see a number of real life cars, simply with the badges removed. You will find everything from a Lamborghini to a Volkswagen Bug.


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Where is the skip the level button in this game